Sunday, April 15, 2018

That did not take long......

I was prepared to spend the next several months looking for the fourth Hazel Atlas "alphabet" tumbler, call it luck, but one popped up on Ebay right away! And I grabbed it FAST! 

And I love it!

Love having a set completed, now what to go after next?

And I sort of scored at my favorite indoor flea market. These Esso mugs have been sitting at my favorite indoor flea market for months, as a matter of fact. I bought the bowls that were sitting with the mug set months ago. Every time I went back to the flea market they were still sitting there and I stopped and looked at them, then passed them by because they were selling as a set and I did not want six mugs. I suspect  that may have been why they were still sitting there months later, no one else wanted all six mugs either. Well, I finally just bit the bullet and bought the entire set. Works out to 5.00 each which, based on my research is pretty much the going rate, so, not a bargain, but not a bad price either. And my husband and son like them as well, win/win I say.

And we finally (almost) finished our front porch update. I still need to stain the main posts, (if it ever stops raining) I am really happy with how it turned out. It was in desperate need of an update.

And finally, what is going on in the workshop? Well, I did get a bunch of new herb markers hammered out and delivered to the Basement. And, I decided to make a couple new boxes. Only one has sold so far, so it is not like they are flying off the shelves. But I wondered if it was because they were stained and not painted, or if it was because they had specific herbs attached. So, I am making two more, bigger, square, painted (soft ivory) and probably with a handle of some kind attached, making them almost basket like. I plan to put more general spoons on this set like, flower garden or kitchen herbs, maybe that will be more like what people are looking for, not everyone loves the look of stained wood as much as I do. 

Sales at the basement have been ok,  but we have had such a cold wet spring, I don't think anyone is getting out as much as they usually do, and no one is out gardening. Hoping as the weather starts to warm up we will see sales pick up with the temps!

Until next time, hope you are having a great week!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Knocking those Spring projects out....

We are not having the prettiest Spring. But looking at the weather channel, is anybody having a pretty Spring?

I have decided that this is not a bad thing because since it is so cold and nasty, we are having no problem throwing on our coats and working outside on yard cleanup and projects. I am sure that once it does warm up, I will be so happy to have my front porch complete and my she shack back together. 

First project to finish up, the address blocks!

Leftover wood from our front port column project, I just thought they would be fun as address blocks. Love how they turned out! I think they are just a fun kind of funky addition to the porch.

Originally I had painted our front porch shutters as part of the make over, I was not thrilled about painting them because I really wanted new wood shutters, but I was not willing to spend the 500+ to buy them. But once I painted the shutters what turned out to be a painful garish raspberry color (oh so NOT the Oxblood I had picked out~bad paint mixing I think) my husband decided, yup, he can build wood shutters. The style I wanted was very simple, and he was able to make them very quickly and easily for a grand total of 50.00. Much better than the original price estimate. I stained them this past weekend and we should have them up this week. Cannot wait. All that is left is staining the columns and a good pressure wash and I will be able to do the fun decorating part and the front porch will be finished and ready for Spring!

Surprisingly, the continued cold weather has not really bothered me for some reason. I am still content wearing my hoodies and baking muffins. But what is bugging me is that my poor violets are taking a beating. They keep trying to come back, but after two nights of hard freezes, I counted myself lucky to be able to salvage a nice little bundle. I like to get at least one good violet picture each Spring!

And my poor tomato seedlings.....they are surviving and looking pretty good, but, they are looking pretty wild and squiggly, they need some good sunshine so they will stand up straight! But I am excited at the prospect of having some beautiful tomatoes this summer!

The other thing about the weather staying cool, I don't feel bad spending time inside at my favorite indoor flea market, made a couple trips......more on that soon!

Hope you are keeping warm and looking forward to when we finally get some nice Spring weather!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Odds "n" Ends

Saturday morning, I set my alarm with the hope of being able to hit the Nashville flea market, the weather channel changed the forecast so many times during the week, I decided that I would just have to accept the fact that I would not actually know if I could go until I got up out of bed on Saturday morning. Lucky for me the forecast went from rain all morning and thunderstorms all afternoon, to cloudy with thunderstorms in the afternoon.
We did get thunderstorms...sort of...after 11:00 PM.
I swear, forecasting the weather is the only job that you can do, never get right, but never get fired for it. Geez....
Anyway...not a lot of vendors, I am sure the weather scared some off, it was cloudy and cold, but still a very pleasant morning to stroll around outside looking for treasures.
I came out with a couple fun things.
Some odd Hazel Atlas pieces.
I love the little custard cup.
It was a bowl day...Fire King Kimberly bowls, the green replaced one my son broke and since I have several of the gold mugs, I thought I would grab a gold bowl as well.
A darling Hazel Atlas Ivy bowl.
A Fire King Blue Azurite mixing bowl, this is for my daughter, she loves the Blue Azurite and is getting quite a little collection going.
A couple weeks ago I picked up this cute box at my favorite indoor flea market, I gave it a light sanding and stain, love how it brought the wood back to life.
So beautiful.
And an Ebay purchase. I have been working on getting the Hazel Atlas Opal alphabet animal tumblers collected, and I found the horse, decent price!

Three out of four! Sadly, the fourth, "D is for Duckling" will probably be the most difficult to find, seems to be the most rare of the set.
But that is ok, I am in it for the long haul!
I did manage to get some work done on my house number blocks. All sanded and stained, I should be able to attach the letters sometime this week, so hopefully I can show you how they turned out next week.
Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Working hard? Or hardly working?

Has it really been a month since I posted?
Can I be both working hard and hardly working? I am going to say yes. The working hard part is the work we have been doing around the house. We tore down our porch and replaced it with rustic beams and I have been taking care of all the little clean up and decorating projects (not that I am finished yet) that spun off from that. And my daughter turned 14 so we had a week long celebration. Kicked off with the Frist center and lunch last week, then a day of shopping and pouring our own candle this week, with a nice wind down with a movie and dinner at our favorite drive in dive.
Nice week for all of us!
The hardly working part? None of my projects involved getting stuff ready to head to the basement.
That will have to be on the list for next week. The herb markers have been selling well, so I will definitely need to up that stock a bit very soon.
So, what projects spun off of the front porch renovation?
Address blocks.
My husband had to cut the beams we picked up to size and we ended up with these great "cubes" I immediately thought how cute they would look sanded and stained with our house number on them.

It will take some serious sanding to get the saw marks out. That is my project for this week.
And an update on the doily throw.
No update, I decided I hated the look and ripped it apart, going with the original design. So, project delayed, back to stitching.
I did manage to get a little flea marketing flea market find, the others? Ebay to the rescue.
I love this flea market find. It is a match holder. Repurposed now to be my key holder!
I love the touch of rustic goodness.
And I have been obsessed with tracking down this set of Hazel Atlas Childrens tumbers. These are my Ebay find, not a thrifter deal, but less expensive than others I have seen listed, and the seller, who was just awesome, gave me a deal on shipping.

They are so sweet, I just love them!
And of course, our Candle pouring experience. This is a new shop in Nashville, opened up just a couple months ago, and is just GREAT! Such a fun outing!

We have been on a Candle kick lately, so this was the perfect outing for my daughters birthday, she had a fantastic time and is excited to do it again!
They had ready to purchase candles, as well as some fun home accessories. When I saw this table runner, I knew it had to come home with me!
And of course I had to get the guys dressed up for St Patrick's Day!

Nashville Flea market is next weekend, I will be heading over rain or shine, and of course I have work to do for the booth, so I am sure I will have more to share with you soon!
Hope you are enjoying this lovely spring weather!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Finised herb Boxes!

I finally finished making the herb boxes.....ok I actually finished them up last week, but It has rained the last two weekends, which I love, but it makes it impossible to get good shots inside, and I was not able to get outside to get some better pictures, so please forgive the bad lighting and garage shots.
But do you not love how these boxes turned out?
I certainly do! So much in fact, that I am going to make myself a set! I love how the prettiest part of the spoon is no longer buried in the dirt!

They were pretty easy to put together. I still have a stash of pallet wood, and I was lucky to have my handy hubby whip some boxes together pretty quickly and easily. I decided to use rabbit wire on the bottom of the small box's so the herbs can be watered without ruining the wood of the box.  I will do that with the next set of large boxes I make as well. The small boxes will fit up to a 5" potted herb, the large box will fit up to three potted herbs, its a bit of a squeeze, but it works.
They went together pretty quickly, I think staining them was the most fun part of the project. I love seeing how the stain makes the pallet wood come to life!

I think I will use a different glue on the next set, the super glue works pretty well, but I think a rubber based glue will allow them to withstand being knocked around a bit more. 
See what I mean about the stain really highlighting the unique look of the wood? I love the texture of the wood of the Ebony box in the middle picture below. The stain makes the "flaws" in the wood  the most beautiful part of the box!
I like the idea of mixing and matching single herb boxes.

But, I decided to go with a theme on the bigger boxes. I decided to do the most commonly used herbs for roasting chicken, most commonly used herbs in Mexican cooking and the most commonly used herbs in Italian cooking.
Or as I referred to them, the chicken box, the taco box and the lasagna box.
All were dropped off in the OrnaMental booth at "The Basement" in Old Hickory today! I really hope these sell well because they are fun to make!

If you are in the Old Hickory area, stop into this fun shop! Lots of great local artists with a good amount of Antiques mixed in!
Stop in and support your local artists and small businesses owners!
Now....what should I get into next? Hummmmm

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Exit the month of the Hobbit.....

My "Month of the Hobbit" has been fairly successful. Granted I did only make one full weekend locked in the house, but the next three home time dominated.
Big impact was probably the fact that we got another lovely Southern snow storm. Fist round came through on a Friday, our company closed for the day and I was able to enjoy a nice three day weekend. I was smart and was totally prepared, no last minute grocery run for me,  only had to leave on Saturday for a quick run to Target to pick up an online order, then right home again. The next week brought us a second round with a nice layer of ice and about three to four inches of snow to top it off. I was very lucky to be able to work from home, so after having two days locked in the house in the middle of the week, getting out on Saturday for breakfast at Panera and a quick grocery run was a welcome very short outing.

So, what have I accomplished during my month long hibernation?
A little bit of everything! First, some baking, German Pretzels were a hit!

Pretzels tasted fantastic, but next time I will twist them, because they strongly resemble....well, you can probably figure that out for yourself.

Sooooo good with beer cheese and brats! Definitely a do over!

And chocolate pudding brownies...the chocolate pudding makes them so moist and chewy. So good!
But I did not just cook and eat. I did some home organizing and started a couple projects as well.
First project, a kind of slip cover for one of my chairs. I found a pin on Pinterest of vintage doilies made into a sort of blanket draped over a beautiful vintage chair, I decided this would work for my chair as well, but I decided to sew them onto a small drop cloth so they "pop" a bit more.

Got it started, but this is a project that will take me a little while to finish...I am not a great lover of sewing.

And for the booth at the Basement...Herb boxes.

Single boxes and larger boxes that will fit three different herbs. I am really excited to see how these turn out. The herb spoons will be attached directly to the box, rabbit wire on the bottom will allow the pot to drain after you water it. Have them all sanded and stained, next week I should have the spoons hammered out and attached!

Love these colors. My stock for The Basement is starting out with three large herb boxes and nine smaller ones. Varied the color of the stain, 3 Pecan, 3 Red and 3 walnut. I just love how the stain took, and I love the fact that now the prettiest part of the spoon, the handle, will no longer be hidden in the dirt, but will be shown off on the front of the box.
I will not be upset if these do not sell, because I would be perfectly happy keeping them for myself! Hopefully I will be able to show you how they turn out next week!
This weekend, the final hobbit weekend of the month, I ventured out even more. Still home by noon Saturday, another Panera run, a couple necessary errands with a final stop at my favorite indoor Flea Market since the rain made a run to the Nashville Flea market really unappealing.
I did not find much, but a couple little finds made the run out worth it. First, a set of windmill salt and pepper shakers in the original carrier! Not a huge fan of the windmill design, but they were too fun to pass up.

And a single, rather phallic shaker, The booth had a 50% off sale or it may have stayed there. But, I will find something to use it for
So I will deem the month of the hobbit a success for this year. I do feel better, definitely more rested, and the creative juices seem to be at least trickling along again. Finally feel ready to see what comes next!
I hope you are having a nice restorative start to the new year!