Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I am a Jadeite snob....

I love Jadeite, have for years. Yes I am one of "those" people introduced to Jadeite by Martha Stewart and I have been an avid collector for close to 20 years.
Many of my pieces I have found "in the wild" some from Ebay and a large amount I inherited from my husbands Grandmother. Love all of my pieces, especially the ones I got from Adeline.
But I am a snob, I don't like the knockoffs. Target carried a line of reproduction Jadeite for a little while, never touched it. Even now I check before I buy and will put it down if I cannot guarantee it is original. Not to say that I don't have a couple reproductions. I do, but they are not the pieces I am most proud of.
So when The Pioneer Woman (one of my favorite bloggers) came out with a reproduction Jadeite Cake stand, I, being the snob I am, turned my nose up at it. Sorry, Ree, love ya, but it is not vintage.
Well, then last weekend. Wandering through Walmart waiting for my husband and son, I walked past a display, and in a post Christmas moment of weakness, I grabbed one.
And.....I like it.
Only a true Jadeite lover like Ree, could make another true Jadeite lover snob love a reproduction. Ree obviously loves her Jadeite and put out a decent reproduction.
My daughter baked cupcakes and immediately loaded them up, I wish I had gotten a picture of them, they looked so pretty.
I am thankful that my daughter loves Jadeite as well, she knows that my collection will someday be hers, and I figure by that reproductions will be getting near vintage and the current vintage will be antiques, so, win, win.
So, I guess I have turned over a new leaf, I am a Jadeite snob no more.
LOL~ No, just kidding. I will forever be, a Jadeite snob.
Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My last thrift run of 2016

Guess what? We got some snow yesterday!

Not a lot, but enough to force me to turn around before I could get to the office because of the ice, and head back for home. Did not get to craft like I had hope and ended up working, but, it was sure nice to work from my couch.
In my excitement over my latest glass projects, I almost forgot to tell you about my last thrift run of 2016!
I had taken an extra day off work before the New Years Holiday to run general errands, pick up supplies for my glass pendant project and do a quick thrift shop run. Turned out to be a very successful day!
I had to go it alone this time as my thrifting partners refused to get out of bed for an early morning adventure, so off I went to hit my usual favorite thrifts and indoor flea market. It was pretty quiet, not a lot to be found at my favorite Goodwill stores, but the indoor flea market seldom fails to provide at least one treasure.
I was pretty happy with my finds!
The only scores from the Thrift shops. A Hazel Atlas saucer and dessert cup. I think they were each .99. Can't complain.

My daughter loved the dessert cup.

But more fun was to be had at my little flea market.
First off, more Hazel Atlas. It was marked 18.00, which is right in line what how much I was seeing them for on Ebay (minus the shipping) but the booth was having a 75% off sale, so home it came with me!
And it was a jar day for me. I love this milkglass jar, not sure how I forgot to include the cute lid. It now holds the sugar cubes that my daughter likes to use in her tea.

Another green jar, next size down from the one I bought months ago.....again, I forgot the lid. What was I doing?

Now this is cool, it is basically a 1930's  protein shaker, it even still had the recipe slip inside of it. We all got a good laugh out of this. Fun!

The latest craze, a health habit that's sweeping the nation! it cracks me up!

And another milk jug, Clover Farms, it is so sweet! Currently filled with beautiful orange red carnations, I love it!
 But the strangest thing I grabbed? Puppies.
Just one of those things...I never find pugs, so I have to go with the bulldogs!
But that face!

And one last thing, an Ebay buy. Love these Hazel Atlas spice jars.

But my bad luck continues to plague me.
Dammit, another victim to bad packing.
Hope to get back to working on glass again tomorrow, a bit too cold out in the garage to be working with glass, but thankfully a warm up is in the forecast this week! I am excited to make another one!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A lesson in working with glass...

That sounds so formal, but it's better than "Watch youtube tutorials and you too can grind glass" but I digress.....
I watched video tutorial's on youtube and got down to cutting and grinding.
And it was FUN!
Typically I am pretty accident prone. I easily trip over my own feet (and constantly over my beloved Pug), walk into door frames, walls, smack myself in the face, burn, cut and generally maul myself, oh, and I fall down fairly often, but I am so good at it by this stage in my life, I pretty much bounce right back up, what can I say, It is a gift...I cannot teach this stuff. So needless to say, power tools and soldering irons make me a little nervous. But, I put my fears aside and gave it a try, and I am glad I did.
First things first, I ran to Harbor Freight, picked up a mini dremel tool and another soldering iron, a little smaller and easier to handle than my big gun, oh, and heavy gloves. Then home I went and just jumped right into it.
First, a quick test run...not bad for a first try.

Then go for it. Took my time, cut out my design instead of trying to break me...breaking it to make it smaller to work Just take the time and grind away. I found drilling holes around the design I wanted until it snaps along the line works best. Constantly spraying it with water out of a handy dandy spray bottle worked great! And it made sure I was not taking any glass chips to the face...ya...don't ask me how I know about that. See the white liquid around the pendant? That is all the glass powder I was not breathing in. Although, I was wearing a mask.....with a few drops of essential oils of course LOL.

About an hour to cut this smaller pendant out of a larger piece of glass, rough around the edges, but the larger bench grinder smoothed that out in no time flat. Again, keep that water spray bottle handy, and for goodness sake, wear gloves and safety glasses!

Of course I forgot to get a shot of the pendant once it was smoothed out. When I get rolling, I get focused and always forget pictures. I got so excited, I cleaned the pendant, got the copper tape wrapped and started soldering away.

I have decided that I love soldering, it is like painting with metal. Very forgiving painting, you can go back and smooth it out over and over again until you are happy with it. This can be dangerous if you are very anal retentive, if you let yourself, you can spend hours going over and over smoothing it just one more time.
 Don't ask me how I know that.
And the semi finished pendant. I think I will smooth it over once more before putting the loop on it for the chain. Then off to Creative Village it goes next week! Hopefully I will have another one or two to go with it.
I am having fun with this, can you tell?
I will be back to grinding away this weekend! With the possibility of a WHOLE INCH of snow tomorrow night, I may get an extra day to grind away :) Oh I love the South, one inch can shut us down. And I am not complaining.
Hope you are having a great week!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We sure did! It was quiet and relaxing, which in my book is perfect!
I always look forward to January as a "re-charge" month, but this year will be just a little different. I do still plan to relax and recharge after a busy fall and Holiday season, but I also plan to do some major house purging and reorganizing along with tackling some projects for Creative village in time for  Valentines day, so I will be a bit busier than my usual "re-charge" January, but that is ok. I think it sounds like a good idea to kick 2017 off with some action!
The first thing I did once the Christmas decorations were down was look for some flowers to tuck into my vintage lunch box. I am going to have a lot of fun with this lunchbox. I really love it!
I really love the pink with the black, but I was originally looking for begonias. Sadly, this close to Christmas, there was not a lot of flowers to choose from, and no fresh herbs at all, I think herbs will look fantastic in it for spring, so as soon as these fade I will be heading to Trader Joes to pick up a couple of their kitchen herb gardens!
It won't be long before I am starting my tomato seeds for this spring! And yes, I am going to plant tomatoes this year, I really have missed them!
Hope you have a great week an awesome start to the new year!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas 2016

The Holidays are upon us. Are you ready? Am I ready? Well, I for the most part I am ready. Just a few things left to do. I have to say, having Christmas fall on a Sunday this year is very convenient! I wish we could do it this way every year!
Sadly, I did not get to go to the December flea market on Saturday. Last minute errands made it too difficult to arrange my schedule so I could go. And I am glad I skipped it and instead went out and ran my errands early. this time of year it seems people fall into two extreme classifications. Happy, friendly full of holiday cheer and thoughtful or angry self centered assholes. Yesterday was asshole day. In the two early morning hours I was out running errands, I was very ready to go home and get away from people. Wow...I cannot imagine how bad it would have been if I had gone after my flea market run during the height of the holiday shopping traffic. I shudder to think!
So home I went and my daughter and I dedicated our day to Christmas baking. It was a perfect weekend to spend baking.
Sadly this years Gingerbread house was condemned. Crappy contractor I guess.
We also made my husbands favorite chocolate dipped pretzels.
And we cannot melt chocolate without dipping some strawberries.

We snack on these while we work, they did not last long!

But the most fun to make was probably the Cracker Barrel Coke Cake.
We kept just enough batter aside to make a tiny cake to try. Wow! It is delish. I expected it to be much sweeter, but it was not. I added a pinch of salt to the frosting, and loved the difference it made! this recipe will definitely be going into regular rotation.
And one more thing. One of my sons friends loves sugar cookies. Well, since I love all my boys, I told him that I would find a good sugar cookie recipe (it's my "if you feed them, they will come" strategy, I love my boys, and I want them to have lots of reasons to come visit me :)) I am not thrilled with this recipe. But it was a good first try. Too "cakey" for me, I like a sweeter denser cookie. Onto the next recipe.
One thing I did not get to do. Start my new craft project. Hobby Lobby, Joannes, Lowes, Home depot, Harbor Freight and Ace Hardware...struck out. Easy to find the soldering iron I wanted to use, but the copper tape? That is what sent me on the wild goose chase. I struck out everywhere. I can be very tenacious, but six places, I am done. Hello Amazon. I should have the final materials by Friday and hopefully have some time the day after Christmas to putter around and see what I can get into. I am excited to give it a try.
I will be taking a blogging break the next couple of weeks to enjoy the holidays with my family, but will  be back after the New Year with some new projects to share, and with any luck some thrifting treasures as well!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and the happiest of New Years!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When life hands you lemons.....

Everyone goes through periods where NOTHING goes right, right?
Well for about a month now, I have had just a run of bad luck. Started with getting rear ended (not my fault) at Thanksgiving to making stupid mistakes, forgetting and breaking things.
I don't like it when I feel like the forces of the universe are working against me.
But, I feel very strongly that if you let a bad attitude and negativity take over.. it only.makes things 100% worse. So, whenever I find myself confronted with yet another freaking thing that goes wrong, I try to find something positive in it or make something positive out of it.
For example, I decided that I wanted to get two more Fire King honeysuckle plates (I only had four) so I would have enough for everyone to use for Christmas dinner. Excited to have my Honeysuckle Christmas table! Well, about a week ago, I found a couple at a good price on Ebay. I hit Ebay because I very seldom find that pattern around here. I was so excited when they arrived on Saturday, I practically skipped out to the mailbox. But the minute I picked up the box, I knew there was a problem.
Dammit my bad luck hit again.
They arrived smashed.

I was heartbroken...and pissed. They were very poorly packaged and not properly cushioned in the box at all, they never stood a chance in the mail.

It breaks my vintage loving heart to see these beautiful old plates broken and thrown away, so, I decided to take a negative and make a positive. I did some research and decided to try my hand at making jewelry out of china shards!
I was happy to see that the materials needed are not very expensive, so off to Hobby Lobby and Lowes I go this weekend to pick up supplies and see what I can do! I needed a new craft project anyway right?
AND, as it turns out, the seller of the above pictured smashed plates graciously refunded my money, and as luck would also have it, I found two more plates, buy it now, out on Ebay, 5.00 cheaper than the ill fated plates above. I should have them by Friday.
I will take that as a positive. Maybe my bad luck streak is coming to an end?
I hope so. Cause I am getting tired of this crap.
I sure hope it is turning around, because this is December Flea Market weekend and I am really hoping for a good buy or two!
Maybe I need to look for a vintage shamrock to help turn my bad luck around? Somehow I don't think a vintage rabbits foot would be a very pleasant find, lol.
Hope you are having better luck this week than I am!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Warning, rambling post to follow.......

The small town I live in has the sweetest little Christmas parade and a holiday 5K every year one of the first weekends in December. Love the parade, but, because of the traffic and road closures, we are pretty much trapped in our neighborhood for a few hours on parade/5 K day.
Not that I really mind, I did my grocery shopping Friday night, and a quick run out for a few basic necessities early this morning, so I was happily in for the day by 8:30 AM, long before the parade started. Since I am caught up on stock at Creative Village and did a bunch of Christmas shopping online this week, I decided to take a day and just take it easy. 
And what did I do? Well, I made lemonade. Yes, it is finally freezing outside, but I decide I need to make some fresh squeezed lemonade. Meyer Lemon Lemonade that is!
I love Meyer Lemons!
And they are soooo good mixed with a couple oranges in a citrus bomb!
And since the weather has turned cold, what better than to hover over a steaming hot fondue pot full of fragrant broth and cook some fillet, shrimp, chicken and giant scallops?
Let them cook their own dinner tonight, but think they are getting a treat!
Oh and it was so good! This is one of my kids favorite dinners. And yes, there was cheese involved as well. Trader Joes cheese fondue. So amazing good!
I did warn you that this was a rambling post. I find that with craft projects wrapped up for the year that I have time on my hands....I am not used to that! I feel a little lost and directionless today, odd feeling for me.
But I think I will make the most of it while it lasts!
Hope you enjoy a rambling relaxing kind of weekend!