Sunday, August 21, 2016

Guy stuff

Still fighting the summer laziness that has gotten ahold of me, so even though I was not really feeling it, I ran out to my favorite indoor flea market yesterday just to get out of the house for awhile and see if I could find something to spark some creative ideas.
Well, can't say my creative juices are flowing any faster, but I did find a project to work on.
My husband is a big cigar smoker and one of his favorite things to do on the weekends is to kick back and smoke a cigar out on the porch while watching a movie . So, I have had my eyes open for one of these vintage humidor stands for him for a couple years. They are pretty pricey between 100.00 and 200.00, so when I found one for 24.00, I snapped it up. Now, it is 24.00 for a reason, the copper inside has some issues, and it has a damaged leg. But who doesn't love a little restoration project? I know I do!

A good sanding, and a touch of stain and I think it will clean up nicely.

The leg on the left has some serious damage that may need to be repaired with a dowel, but other than that it is pretty sound. Once he gets the leg fixed this week, it will be my turn to sand, stain and see what I can do about that copper lining.

Even with the work required, he was pretty happy with it. The only other thing I found was a sharpening stone. Old, and pretty cool. I am excited to give it a try and see how it works on my knives.
I walked out thinking....huh, all guy stuff. Not one froo froo pretty glass thing caught my eye.
It was kind of sad to see how little has come through my favorite flea market, I saw very little new stock, so many things that I saw were there the last time I was in about a month ago. Next week is the Nashville flea, normally I don't bother going in August, but I think I may have to swing through this month if it is not too ungodly hot.
Football season kicked off on Friday night, we had a fantastic win for our season opener and it was a blast to watch the boys out there playing. Made me a little nostalgic for cooler weather, I hate to say it, but I am ready for Fall, and, dare I say it? Winter? Man the heat really must be getting to me. I never look forward to Winter.
 I am going to make sure I enjoy my last few weekends in the pool!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fairy Box? Garden?

I am still trying to drag myself out of this late summer slump. I have noticed that since the heat has relented a bit, I am feeling a little more restless and find myself getting bored easily. Good sign that I am perking up a bit. I hate feeling so sluggish and uninterested in everything. Frustrating.
I have started toying around with the idea of making a fairy garden in one of my pallet boxes. I like the idea of rimming the box with a picket fence, I think a wishing well, garden bench with tiny hydrangea bushes and a pebble path would be fun. Since Fairy gardens are all the rage right now there are lots of fun ideas out there.
So far I have only finished the house. But I really like it!

Tiny bird house that I picked up at Walmart of all places. A quick rub with some stain, popsicle stick door (still need to figure out what to use as a doorknob) then covered the bird "hole" with a page from a book. But the pine cone roof is my favorite!
So fun!
Looking at the weather this weekend. Looks like the rain is going to keep us out of the pool so no excuse to not work on some crafting...I may even get myself out to do a little thrifting Saturday morning. Anything to get me moving around again.
Hope you are having a productive week!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Doldrums....

I have a bad case of the summer doldrums. The heat, that usually does not bug me too much, is making me very lazy. Work is crazy and between the heat and work, I am worn out, unmotivated and uninspired.
Trying to get motivated to do something more than just hang out in the pool. I really need a new project to snap me out of this creative funk.
Lets hope the heat and my creative funk breaks soon!
Hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another flower box

It has been awhile since I made a new Hydrangea arrangement. This one was a special order so I asked my husband to make me another small pallet box and I thought I would try something new and give the flowers some color.
I love how many different kinds of spray paint there are out there, just about every shade of every color! I decided to go classic and painted them blue. I was very pleased with how they came out! I think it will have to be pink for my next arrangement.
I also added the aluminum can base to the hydrangea instead of the leaves I have done in the past. I think this style may be a keeper. That base helps to fill out the box nicely.
I used a lace lined burlap ribbon for the roses this time and was much happier with how they turned out. Another trick to keep.
Oop! I see a pin out of place, better fix that quick.

And of course, I am still mildly butterfly obsessed so I had to tuck a butterfly in there as an accent.
Sorry, not sorry.
 I still need to finish the butterfly branch arrangement for my kitchen. With rain in the forecast this weekend, it may be just the project for me to tackle.

All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out. I really enjoy making these little arrangements, I think I will have to put a few more together soon.
Not long ago while flipping through a magazine, I saw the prettiest arrangement of zinnias in a wood pallet box and just loved how it looked, the bright orange, yellow and red of the zinnias really popped next to the dark rustic wood of the pallet box. I am turning over some plans in my head trying to recreate a zinnia look with aluminum cans. Off to Pinterest I go for some inspiration and ideas! How did I manage to brainstorm before Pinterest?
Hope you are keeping cool and having a great week!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Not much going on.

Getting ready for back to school and this darn heat have me either too busy to craft and thrift. Or too unmotivated to be bothered.
We had Senior Football pictures this morning, so I had to skip the Nashville Flea market, but honestly, I did not even feel like going. Again, too hot. But I did get a chance to drop into my favorite indoor flea market last weekend, but still only came out with a few odds and ends.
Pretty green small Fire King bowl.

Glassbake loaf pan....hummm, I must have been on a green kick last week.

My daughter fell in love with this Fire King bird mug. She has a thing for mugs like I do.

And we both pretty much love anything with a bird on it.

On the list for the upcoming week is definitely finishing off some more definition spoons for Creative Village. I have not been back there in months! I don't know where the time went!
But for the rest of the weekend, Pool time. Unless of course the thunderstorms that keep popping up keep me out giving me no excuse but to work on my many projects.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Sunflowers bring all the bees to the yard.....

Sorry, bad humor. I am easily amused.
Well, it is that time of year again. The time of year when I become obsessed with my Sunflowers and Morning Glory's and you have to suffer through picture after picture of them
Suffer? No way. Who suffers from looking at a glorious Sunflower?
Not me, that is for sure.

This heirloom variety has several sunflowers blooming in a bunch on one stem. I really wish I had kept track of which ones they were...dang my disorganized gardening habits.
Oh the color on this one. So beautiful.

Sunshine yellow.
I like to think this is a sunflower Van Gogh would have been moved to paint.

I promise I will get back to projects soon. Too hot for everything, even to hit the flea market, too busy and too unmotivated. Did I mention too hot? Stinking hot here in the South. Not to mention I ended up entertaining kids all last weekend. No complaints, it was a lot of fun. A pool party for my sweet daughter and some of her best girlfriends on Saturday night, and another impromptu, very last minute pool party for my son and 5 of his best friends from the football team Sunday night. I estimated that I had approximately 1,500 lbs of 17 year old boy in the pool, they are all big college football bound boys. Then I had to feed them all. And boy can 17 year old football players eat.
wow. Good thing was clean up was easy, there was nothing but dirty plates to rinse off and load in the dishwasher, they killed off all the food. 15 16" loaves of Jimmy Johns bread, 5 lbs of assorted deli meat, cheese, condiments, fruit, chips and cookies. But I was happy to do it. These are really exceptional kids and I love having them around. I will miss them all next year when they all go off to college, it breaks my heart just thinking about them no longer playing together anymore. Sniff, sniff.
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Photography contest

I have only entered one photography contest. Just the local electric company contest, I was on pins and needles for two months before they posted the winners, and obviously, I did not win, or place for that matter.
Still, it was fun and you will never have a chance if you don't try right?
I am going to try again. The theme this time is "What does summer mean to you". Based on the winners in the past I expect that they are looking for are sweeping landscapes, pictures of lakes and sunsets with kids playing in water and fishing. Pretty much everything I don't typically photograph.
But my stubborn rebel streak is going to enter the pictures that I want to anyway. So, brainstorming, I was thinking, what does summer mean to me? Beautiful homegrown tomatoes, Flowers, bees and water.
Ok, my tomatoes are not home grown, garden failure. And I could not find pretty tomatoes at the farmers market, so whole foods to the rescue.

Still have not decided what to enter...I will have to look at them for a week before I decide.
Such beautiful Zinnia's this year. Believe it or not this picture does not do this Zinnia justice. The colors are so intense on this variety. They are just gorgeous.

Maybe both flowers and tomatoes together? No. I don't think so.

I thought about sunflowers. I mean, How can you look at a sunflower and not think about summer?

I think the only one I am 100% positive about entering is this bee picture. From last summer, but one of my all time favorites.
I have been very busy at work, this is our busy season, new residents coming in and locum doctors subbing for providers taking month long summer leaves, but regardless, tired or not I am trying to keep hammering and get some new stock into Creative Village. I sent a nice selection to the new boutique "The Basement" and still have a nice number of my "base" stock on hand. Believe it or not, I am already thinking about working on Christmas ornaments. I wanted to have several ready for the October Farmisan Market, and they were very good sellers at Creative Village, so I will want a large stock ready to go and not have to rush to get them together at the last minute. Because of this I have not been tackling as many new craft projects as I would like to. Time to hit Pinterest again for some new inspiration?
But finish one project first...I need to figure out a picture to submit that deals with water. Thank goodness I live close to a gorgeous lake. I refuse to conform to a sweeping landscape shot. But I sure do love a pretty lake water picture,
Off to the lake. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!