Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Enter the month of the Hobbit...

I remember a long time ago I used to hate January. Cold, dark, boring.  I would dread it.
But now?
Nope, love January. It is my month to be a Hobbit, enjoy being at home, planning my garden for this Spring, being quiet and recharging. Last year we ended up having a pretty busy January so I did not get my month of quiet and relaxation. But this year, I am fully committed to a full month of quiet weekends at home spent reading, watching old movies, cooking, doing a  little home organizing and maybe...just maybe a little crafting. I have decided to keep selling at least my spoons at "The Basement" in Mt. Juliet, so a little hammering just may take place.
But first, our first January weekend in was wonderful! Errands run during the week, I rolled into the driveway Friday night and did not leave again until Monday morning.
What did we do stuck inside all weekend?
Kicked off with Banana muffins for breakfast Saturday.
Then tried a new Egg Drop Soup recipe with Crab Rangoon eggrolls for lunch. Both Pinterest wins, so good!
How about some Vanilla Pudding Chocolate chip cookies for a sweet treat? Another Pinterest win. WOW, best chocolate chip cookies ever!
And last, but not least, Orange Curd. Wonderful flavor....but kind of a funky texture, more like a thick sticky syrup. But very pretty!
So, what is up for this weekend? Bread. Pheasant bread and German pretzels planned so far! After January month of the Hobbit...I will probably have to do February month of salads and yoga.
But we will worry about that next month!
I swear all the  "Bruno in his chair" pictures are all taken at different times on different days. Spoiled boy loves his chair and really enjoys being home with us during the month of the Hobbit!
Hope you are enjoying a peaceful quiet start of the year.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a warm and happy New Years!

We take New Years pretty easy in our house. We spend the day shopping with our Christmas cash, then tuck in at the house with plenty of good food and movies. I honestly cannot think of a better way to end the year.
See you back here in 2018!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

It pays to be patient, or maybe...stubborn is more accurate....

For the record, I am not a patient person. I recognize this and do, believe it or not, try to work on it. but I am a very stubborn person, I am not quite as good about working on that.
Maybe I don't worry too much about being stubborn because for a many things, being stubborn pays off. For example,  let me tell you the story of the yellow Hazel Atlas cream pitcher.
Last winter at my favorite indoor flea market, I found a darling green Hazel Atlas cream pitcher. Originally 18.00 the booth had I think a 75% sale or something crazy like that and if memory serves I ended up paying 7 or 8 dollars for it. Fast forward to Spring and, again, at my favorite indoor flea I find another creamer, exact same except in orange for 5.00. After doing a little research I found out that these creamers were sold as a rainbow set, orange, yellow, blue and green. Of course I decided I wanted the set, so off I went in search of the yellow and blue.
I got lucky with blue, found it on Ebay for .99 plus right around 7 bucks to ship, I decided since it was close to the cost of the green one I would live with it....now for yellow.
Yellow was another story, they must be the hardest to find, they certainly seem to be the most expensive of the set. The cheapest I found one online was around 12.00 not including shipping, the most expensive was 29.99 not including shipping. Since the most I spent was about 8.00, that was as much as I was willing to pay.
So I watched Ebay and the Antique stores/flea markets for probably the last 6 months or so. Several times I almost gave in and just paid for it, I really wanted to finish the set, but I kept holding off, too stubborn (and maybe just a little cheap) to give in.
Well...my patience (ok, cheap driven stubbornness) paid off. At the December Nashville Flea market yesterday, I finally found it!

The market itself was pretty slim this year, not as many vendors as there has been when I have gone in Decembers past and I was wondering if this would be a wasted trip. As a matter of fact, we were getting ready to leave when, as I came around the end of an isle, a spot of yellow caught my eye, I dodged around furniture and made a bee line to find that YES!!! The yellow creamer!! As a matter of fact, two yellow creamers, two orange, two blue and a green! So I tracked down the booth owner and asked the price, ready to pay about anything...she said. 1.00.
Oh hell ya I will pay that! My mom even grabbed a blue one at that price! I almost had to take a minute to calm down I was so tickled!
I love looking at the set reunited!
So satisfying.
But that was not the only treasure I found, although I had wondered if I would find anything worth taking home when I first came in and saw how many vendors were not there, I did end up coming out with some fun stuff.
Another purple jar. My kitchen window now glows purple when the sun shines in.
Masons Improved jar. Love!
Another wooden ruler, the one I originally have is missing the first 5 inches..not handy. This one is in perfect condition!

A Copco Danish Mid Century Modern cast iron enamel skillet. I saw one of these in yellow about 3 years ago, really wanted to buy it, but for 60.00? Nope, out of my flea market budget, but 15.00 or a cherry red one? Definitely coming home with me. Already cooked in it. Oh how I love the feel of that beautiful wooden (maybe teak?) handle. And it cooked beautifully! Love!

And a Jadeite surprise! I don't often see any of the range sets at a reasonable price, but this one was pretty good and in excellent condition. Already happily snuggled in with the rest of the Jadeite!
The last thing I grabbed as we walked out, was actually the first thing that caught my eye when we came in. Vendor was not there yet so I gambled and decided to walk by on our way out. May have been a little pricey, but it was one of those things that I just loved, so price was not a huge factor. So on the way out, it was still sitting there sturdy and in excellent condition, 35.00 later, I was walking out with it. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect by the front door. And I was right. Have not had a chance to give it a light sand and maybe a touch of stain, but I will get to that after Christmas. Now to order a new print to hang over it!
So, we are down to it, the last week before Christmas. I was lazy this year and did about 90% of my shopping Amazon Prime, with a couple sporadic trips out to the mall near my home over the last two weeks, I am in pretty good shape. A couple gift cards and a couple hours wrapping and I am done!
I hope you are having a stress free holiday season as well!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

More flea market finds!

November Flea market has come and gone. I am lucky that my company is closed both Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving so while everyone else was hitting Black Friday sales....I was hitting the Nashville flea.
I think I got the better deal...certainly nicer people to shop with.
Although a lot of my regular vendors were not there, I still managed to find a few things to come home with me.
The most squeal worthy find of the day, Hazel Atlas Range set, mint condition. An unbelievable 15.00 for the entire set. Caps are missing, but I know I can replace those pretty easily.

And I have been looking for something purple to use as a vase with my Jadeite Restaurant ware. This beautiful old jar fit the bill nicely!

Love how it looks!
This vendor always has a great selection of vintage bottles, and this little blue bottle had to come home with me as well!
But as much as I loved the beautiful bottles and Range set. The copy of "The Wizard of Oz" from 1954 is probably my favorite find of the day. I have been looking for one for years. A couple scribbles, but nothing that ruins the book, and for 3.00, I can handle a couple scribbles.
Another cool book from the same vendor. I love the cover, so beautiful!
Already at home on my mantle. Love it!
That was pretty much it for the Flea Market, but since Saturday was "Small Business Saturday" we stopped into a few local places. An antique store just down the road from my home, The Basement and a local bakery. Love shopping small.
And love what I found! Yes another Enid Collins box bag, great shape, only missing one bead and pristine on the inside. 12.00, you bet I grabbed it.

  1. And another Jadeite restaurant ware chili bowl at the Basement 12.00, and a second one my step daughter picked up for me!
And....I have been out Ebay shopping a well...a couple scores, one, yes....another Enid Collins box bag. It needs some love, but the price was right and I love it! So cute!

And yes, my obsession with vintage children's dishes keeps up. I have watched for one of these for ever, always too expensive, 18.00 and up, but for under 10.00 including shipping I will take that deal.
I was happy to walk into Whole Foods on Saturday morning and find that the Satsuma's are in season, seems a bit early this year but I am not complaining, I love these wonderful little gems!
They are so beautiful, I had to do a mini photo shoot. So gorgeous!
Looking forward to eating a lot of these beauties this month!
Hope you enjoyed a long holiday weekend!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Settling in...

The weather has finally started to feel like Winter may really be around the corner. Not that I am complaining, I love the change of seasons and I am really enjoying dragging out my sweaters and hoodies and spending Saturday nights outside by our fire pit.
I have also enjoyed not hammering a darn thing this week.
But I did get out yesterday morning for a quick run through my favorite indoor flea market. As always it is a relaxing stroll through, did not even matter that I did not find much.
One thing that I will always bring home with me are handy dandy kitchen items, and when I saw this Jiffy measuring glass I had to grab it!
Teaspoons! How handy!

It also measures pints and OZ, I will get a lot of use out of this I am sure!
And I had to grab this little Pyrex mushroom bowl. Smallest of the set, I love this size bowl, so useful!
And I cannot explain what drew me to this silly woodpecker! I thought he looked like he belonged on the side of my Antiques sign on the front porch. When I look at him,  I cannot help but be reminded of the North woods of Upper Michigan for some reason.
And one Ebay score to share. Another one I cannot explain. But everyone should have a cow creamer right?
Cute little stinker.
I have to admit, it is really nice being able to hang out and relax for a little while on a Sunday afternoon and not have to hammer or work on crafting projects. This holiday hiatus may be permanent.
Or...maybe not.
Certainly Bruno is enjoying hanging out and being lazy on Sundays!
Actually, he enjoys being lazy any day of the week.
Hope you are have a great week!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

October Nashville Flea market and Home for the Holidays....

I guess I could have broken this up into two posts...but honestly I don't have a lot to say about the Home for the holidays show.
Not that it was a total bust, it was fine, but we had some obstacles. First off, we were a week earlier than usual due to some scheduling issues with the community center, which meant that a lot of vendors could not be there because they were booked into one of the many School craft shows going on in our general area that are always scheduled for the first weekend in November. Yup, this was a BIG Church and school craft market weekend. So, double hit on vendors and customers. Still, I did ok bringing in over a hundred. But I usually clear over 200.00 for this show, so...kinda a bummer.
I did have all my usual stock, but to be honest, I was just not into it this year. My enthusiasm was way down.
I definitely need to step back for awhile and think about my next steps.

Christmas ornaments did sell better this year!

Some stuff still is not moving...

As always I really enjoyed chatting with fellow vendors and DANG we had some good food! BBQ, Bundt Cakes and the most amazing kettle corn!
 So, excuse my whining, I did have some fun.
But now what? Finished with my last big show for the year and still have plenty of stock for the booth at the Basement, not sure what next year will bring, one thing for sure though...I am going to keep thrifting! I enjoyed hitting the October Nashville flea market. Did not walk out with a ton, but really enjoyed my finds!
Not sure what is my favorite find is, but I do love the Jadeite measuring cups. Although, I admit, I am not 100% sure they are not reproductions, I just don't now very much about them to tell the real from the fakes.
I passed on this bottle last month, I decided since it was still there, maybe it needed to come home with me.
Knoxville milk company this time!
I was obviously on a bit of a bottle kick.
Love these beautiful old bottles.
And I am still on a vintage children's kick. I grabbed this Hazel Atlas children's tea set creamer for 2.00. I saw several of the same one on line for more than 12.00. Why??
My daughter found these darling tiny cordial glasses.
And who can pass up a bowl for a buck?
These cute little deer were a Goodwill find, ran in there super quick Friday night looking for bargains on Jeans for my Son...score for both of us!
So what is next for me? Not sure yet. But I can tell you one thing, I am going to spend the next two months enjoying the holidays. I plan to enjoy the last two Nashville Flea Markets of the year, Thanksgiving prep and Christmas shopping and most of all New Years! And I am going to stick to my January off this year! A month of relaxing and recharging after really taking time to enjoy the holidays may be just what I need.
But keep checking back in, you know I cannot stop thrifting or crafting. Even though I do plan to spend plenty of time in the next few weeks sitting on the couch with a book my Ipad and my best buddy!
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Final Countdown.....

Final Countdown before the Home for the Holidays Craft fair!
And I am still getting ready.
Got plenty finished this week, really I am down to hammering out a few more Christmas ornaments and getting everything in its display and organized, really a piece of cake, I think I can make it.
Happy with how the signs are coming along, I may tweak them a bit more this week if I have time.
Got my pieces and parts together.
Then the assembly line!

I think I have decided this one needs some bells across the bottom.

I have never done a lot of Christmas stock before other than the ornaments, the Christmas sentiment spoons have never really sold in the past. I hope that mounted and made into a sign/decoration they may sell!
I even re did my "My Hobby" sign, I am in the same booth with the ladies of "Ornamental" but I wanted people to be able to find me.
the last one has had a few accidents since my last craft show, I actually like how this one looks more than the old one
Lots more to do this week to get ready! I will be back next week to let you know how the sale went!
Hope you are having a great week!