Saturday, September 16, 2017

I am in the Basement!

Very excited to join the ladies of "Ornamental" in their booth at "The Basement" in our own Mt. Juliet TN!

This is such a fun little store. A nice mix of antiques, crafts and some fun retail. The ladies of "Ornamental" make some of the cutest crafts! It is a fun booth and I think my stuff fits in pretty well!

I brought all of my "usual" stuff plus the fall themed wreaths and arrangements I put together over Labor Day weekend.

I would honestly not be upset if this button wreath does not sell, I really like it!

Such a fun booth! I am really excited to see how my stuff sells here! It is a great opportunity and I am really happy to have been asked to join in! It is going to be fun doing some Christmas crafts for the booth!
But this is not all I have been up to, I will be conducting spoon hammering demonstrations on October 7th at the Village Farmers Market. No set time yet, but I will let you know. I plan to bring some herb spoons along to sell as well, but the majority of the stock I am going to be hammering for is the "Home for the Holidays" show in November.  This will be my third year participating and I am really getting excited to see how much more it has grown this year!
I do really need to get hammering, I have been spending the last few weekends getting the new furniture settled in our house. I still need to have it all recovered, but I will do that piece by piece. I have been doing a lot of minor redecorating and really enjoying it. Nice to spend some time refreshing the home d├ęcor and making it cozy for winter.
Needless to say several trips to Hobby Lobby have been made in the last couple weeks. My Baby Love soap making friend Lisa found me this adorable pottery spoon crock. When I saw it, all I could think was how cool it would look with flowers, ya...another trip to Hobby Lobby.
Totally worth it!
Hope you are enjoying easing into fall!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day 2017....

I am taking Labor Day Weekend very literally this year.
Not that I have not done some relaxing and had some fun, but for the most part I have spent the weekend finishing projects, cleaning house and doing some room updates. All geared at making the house more comfortable for this winter.
I am kind of missing the lazy long weekend we usually do with lots of swimming, cooking out and movies outside, but after the remains of Harvey came through Nashville Thursday and Friday along with the drop in night time temps have made the pool pretty cold...and really dirty so today is probably the only day we will be able to enjoy the pool. And according to the Weather channel, probably the last weekend this year we will be able to get in. Night time temps in the 50's for the next  week means it will probably be too cold to enjoy after today.
But that is ok, time to move into fall!
So what was I working on this weekend?
Well, remember the humidor I purchased for my husband last year? He fixed the issues with the leg, but never refinished it. So, that was number one on the finish up list.
Number 2 on the finish up list is this chair my sister found at the Nashville flea market probably close to 20 years ago for a kitchen table set she had. I loved the shape of the chair so when she bought another dining room set I happily agreed to adopt the chair. My family has been pulling the kitchen table chairs into the living room to sit at the desk we brought home from my mother in laws home, so I decided it was time to put this chair to use again.  I am trying to strip the paint off down to the wood. I may or may not be successful, it may end up with another paint job, but we shall see!
This chair is surprisingly VERY comfortable to sit in! I am excited to bring it back to life again.
So off I go to try and knock out the rest of the list before hopefully slipping into the pool for a couple hours this afternoon. But I will be back next week with an update on my move into "The Basement" and some fun finds I managed to pick up when I did slip out for a little thrifting this weekend!
Hope you are having a much more relaxing Labor Day than I am!