Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Farmisan Market!

We kicked off our third season of the Farmisan Market on Saturday, and we had a perfect day for our opening market. Weather was gorgeous, park was full, we ended up with around 13 vendors, not bad, but we still need more.  Still not seeing the crowds we would like, but we keep trying, hoping this little market will catch fire eventually.
I had a lot of new stock. Sold a fair amount and bringing a lot to Creative Village tomorrow. It has been awhile since I brought in fresh stock. I have been hammering a lot in order to have a nice supply to bring in and still have some on hand if I decide to do another craft show, which I think I have been talked into for June! Now I just need to stay disciplined and keep hammering every night.
I definitely have some new favorites.

But still love the old ones as well.
All this hammering means I screwed up a fair amount.
Oh well, screw up a spoon, make a necklace. Win/Win as far as I am concerned!
And I managed to get a couple more hydrangea boxes put together. I had a vintage doily that was damaged so I cut it up, stiffened it starch and made it into hydrangea leaves, I love this look. Will be looking for more damaged doily's at the flea market this weekend!
They got a lot of attention, but no buyers. Oh well, maybe next time!
Looking forward to a few days off from work. After Dr. appointments and running errands tomorrow, I plan to spend my Friday at the Nashville Flea market, Trader Joes and hitting all my favorite thrift shops. Throw in a pedicure and I don't think you could find a better way to spend a nice long weekend off! Perfection far as I am concerned!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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