Sunday, April 17, 2016

No thank you, I don't collect salt and pepper I?

I can't say that I really get into collecting vintage salt and pepper shakers.

I mean, every once in a while I may grab a set that I think is cute.
Or maybe they are a bargain price that I just cannot pass up.
Or maybe I needed some to match a set of dishes.
Sometimes I see them at Goodwill and have to grab them. I mean, if you know they are a collectable you have to save them right?
Or maybe even if they are not collectable, I mean, I do like birds.
I have had people give them to me as well, these came Grandmother Adeline's collection. She had a lot of salt and pepper shakers, and her taste was even more random than mine is.
 I admit, I do have a thing for owls.....No owl left behind right?
Oh....and frogs. Why is this frog on an ivy leaf? That has always bothered me. Why an Ivy leaf and not a lily pad?
Yes, these are the questions I ask myself. Welcome to my cluttered brain.

ummm, ok I don't know what to say about these....

Did I mention that I really like birds?
I really, really like birds.

 Kitchen prayer girls...I mean I needed them to complete the set, right?
Sometimes I am on Ebay late at night when I should be asleep. I may not make the best choices then.
Seventeen sets of salt and pepper shakers don't actually make a collection does it? Ok, maybe it does.
You know what really kills me though?
This is the only one we use. Old Time Pottery, brand new 1.99.
As I was dusting Friday night I stopped and actually counted salt and pepper sets. Have you ever looked around and realized that you have a collection you never really noticed before? No? Maybe that is just me. I think I may have some kind of flea marketing problem.
There may or may not be two more sets of salt and pepper shakers on my "must have" collectable list.
Thank you for tolerating my long salt and pepper collection discovery discussion.
Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful spring weather this weekend!
Have a great week!

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