Saturday, April 30, 2016

A story about a bowl.....

One day, summer before last, I was doing my usual run through Goodwill and found a bowl.
Anchor Hocking place setters, cute green daisy pattern. You know I had to grab it. And I did.
Fast forward to last weekend. I am strolling through my favorite indoor flea market (yup, I held back on telling you about this find) and I spot a stack of dishware for sale and think to myself, "Wow, I have a bowl in that pattern".  Of course I have to check out the set, 19.99 for 18 mint condition pieces, the set is missing one mug and one....bowl!
WOW, I have the bowl to complete this set at home. It is obvious of course, that this set was meant to be mine!
And so I brought them home with me.

And I totally love them!


Today was a perfect day to make myself lunch and enjoy it on my new plates. Oh...don't be impressed with the menu. The Bacon for this BLT and avocado sandwich did not make it into the shot. Love bacon, don't love how it looks on camera.

Of course I decided that I need to find that last mug to really complete the set so, I checked out Ebay. I had NO idea this was such a collectable pattern! Someone had just the four mugs listed for 49.00...a bit extreme on that pricing I think. I also found a set not as complete as mine for 69.00. Wow! I think I will just keep my eyes open and see if I can't find that mug in my flea market and thrift store travels. Somehow, I think I will probably stumble upon one eventually. Until then, I will do without the mug. I have way more mugs than I could ever use anyway.
Even with the rain, this has been a beautiful weekend! My beautiful peonies should bloom any day now!
Can't wait! Of course that means strawberries and peaches will not be far behind!
Oh how I love Spring!
Hope you are having a wonderful spring weekend!

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