Sunday, April 10, 2016

Still knocking it out

I am still plugging away, trying to knock out some of the projects that I have had sitting around for awhile. And while I still need to get at the odd chair that I picked up at the flea market last fall with the farm table chairs, I had another project that had been sitting for even longer.
Remember this buy?
Sitting in my garage for a solid year. When I saw it at my favorite indoor flea market, I thought it looked like the perfect size stool to use as a makeup chair in my bathroom.  And I was right, perfect size, and actually very comfortable to sit on.

And a lot prettier to look at now, or at least I think it is. I did not want to paint the wood, I liked the dark natural wood with the fabric I picked out. A pretty brown French Toile that I had sitting in my scrap bag for years.
I love the fabric, it in no way matches the décor in my master bathroom. At least now it is finished and useable. Which means it qualifies to be crossed off the "to do" list.
Now, on to the rest of the list.
I am still working on getting a couple aluminum hydrangea boxes together for the Farmisan Market next weekend. I have my core stock complete, sugar scrubs are made, sentiment spoons and herb markers are finished and set up in the display. All I lack are a few more sentiment spoons and I think I can get those cranked out pretty easily this week. If not I will be hammering at top speed on Saturday before the market.
Hoping you have a great week planned!

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