Monday, December 15, 2014

It's the Holiday Season!

Well, full swing into the Christmas craziness, I am busy, you are we are all crazy busy.

Every year it seems that we end up passing on doing things like making Christmas cookies and candies, just too busy and it falls to the bottom of the list, even though it is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Back in WI, long before kids and husbands and crazy schedules became our reality, my friend Laura and I would get together and bake for an entire day, candies, cookies, I think we even tried fudge, whatever we felt like trying. It was such fun and a very fond memory of mine.

One of the cookies we made were Rosettes. Laura had (I believe) her Grandmothers Rosette Iron set and it always stuck in my mind, it was so cute. As my daughter has grown and become quite a baking enthusiast herself, I remembered those days of Christmas baking with Laura, and above all the other cookies, I remembered the Rosettes.

So, determined to start the Christmas cookie tradition again, well, only on a smaller scale. I was determined to find a set of my own Rosette Irons. No new ones for me, no way! I set off scouring ebay and Etsy and the flea market. After several failed attempts, weeks of looking and my daughter pleading with me to "just buy new ones on Amazon" I finally scored my own set on Ebay.

The set was more than worth the time and trouble! Even Katherine agreed! It is exactly what I wanted. And had an extra bonus of coming with some recipe books as well.

$1.30, wow...I did not get it for that cheap. But, I did manage under 10.00 with shipping!

Look at those little recipe books!!

I just love these graphics.

Being Norwegian and from WI , this just makes me giggle. I laughed so hard when I found it tucked in the box with the other recipe books.

The finished product, light and crispy, with that light dusting of powdered sugar, YUM!  I described these cookies to my bestie Stacey as little Funnel Cakes. Really, that is pretty close. 

Here is  the recipe I used, it was one of the recipes included in the box, I have a rule, I always try recipes with notes in the margins.

I hope you get some time during this busy Christmas season to keep your traditions alive, no matter how simple or elaborate!

Have a great week!

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