Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Nashville Flea in August....

We are having such beautiful weather this last week! Just perfect! So perfect in fact that I decided I had to go to the Nashville Flea Market today. I think the temp was in the low 70's when we got there, could not ask for a more a more perfect morning to flea market. It was so lovely!
And I had a pretty good run of luck!
First find belonged to my Husband. His mothers maiden name was Franklin, so when he saw this initial that matched the "S" that we pulled off the screen doors of his Fathers family farm house, he had to grab it.
So cool.
And since I have a few craft projects to finish up this week, of course I grabbed a few spoons to hammer.
Not sure if I can choose a favorite find for the day, but the Horlicks Malted Milk bottle has got to be close to the top of the list, I just love it. Almost passed it up thinking it would be too expensive. Nope, 6.00. MINE! And the tiny drug store bottle, I just love how the sun shine makes them glow!
So pretty!
And how about a few Hazel Atlas Moderntone dessert cups? Love them!
No way I was passing up this sweet Jadeite bud vase.
And last, but certainly not least, a box.
A really freaking cool box!
That desperately needs a couple rabbits foot ferns sitting inside it.
So cool!
But where are the crafts I was working on this week you ask? Ummmmmmm, not done. The week did not quite go according to plan. Of course Eclipse day was fantastic and we spent our evening discussing all that was experienced, and oh it was SO cool! Not sure how I lost track of my Tuesday evening, then Wednesday evening I was on high alert watching my Pug who was not acting right, I was convinced he was ill...well I was close. I was up literally ALL night with my poor boo who's pain seemed to get worse as the night progressed. Needless to say I spent the night on the couch with him, trying to keep him quiet and calm while I googled symptoms of bloat, tumers, intestinal blockage and every other sort of terrible malady he may have been suffering from. Well, we were on the Vets doorstep when they opened at 8:00.
The diagnosis? Pulled muscle. He is on pain killers and anti inflammatories now but still in some pain. So he is being carried and pampered even more than usual. Poor baby. But needless to say it threw me off for both Thursday and Friday night.
I will be crafting my fingers to the bone tomorrow and the rest of next week.
Next week I will have some new crafts to show you! Promise!
Have a great week!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Moving right along....

I may have been quiet lately, but I have not been idle!
A couple weeks back a friend of mine that runs the holiday craft show at our local community center each November and who was also one of the main organizers of the Farmisan Market, asked me to join her and a few other crafters in their booth at a new local shop called "The Basement" of course I agreed.
I have a lot of herb spoon stock already prepared, but only a few sentiment spoons. Which, I think I have decided is ok. I have decided to keep the herb spoons as my standard year round stock, but the sentiment spoons offered will be more seasonal, maybe a few of the best sellers will be out year round, but otherwise, I will stick to a more seasonal rotation.
One of the "newer" ways I have decided to use the sentiment spoons in a more seasonal format is by incorporating them into signs and wreaths. I don't know about you, but people around here love, and I do mean love their signs and wreaths.
So I figured out a way to blend what people want with what I make!
My button flowers are being attached to a cute hay wreath, and I will also attach a Fall theme sentiment spoon with a burlap to figure out what fall theme quote to hammer out.
That should not be too difficult.
So back to hammering and creating I go, hopefully taking lessons learned and curating my stock in a better way so I do not get so burned out again!
Finding new ways to present my stock has helped to revitalize my creative juices a bit!
Hope to have more than one finished project to show you next week!!
Have a great week and if you live in the path of tomorrows Eclipse, have fun, but be safe!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Knocking out that "to do" list.....

Life has been pretty busy this summer. But I have faith that things may be starting to settle down now that kids are back in school and the busy season at work is winding down. Now that everything else is slowing down, I guess it is time for me to kick back into gear.
First thing, back to that "to do" list!
I have been working on the "to do" list pretty much all year, but of course, things keep getting added. But at least they have been fun things.
First things first, my mother in law left me the coolest circa early 1960's chair from her living room. It was always my favorite chair to sit in when we visited her home and I am thrilled that I have it in my home now. It will be recovered as soon as I can find someone to do it, but I wanted something cool to hang over it.
What could be better than some of the old French post cards that my Grandfather brought back with him from WWII.
I love, LOVE these postcards and even more so because they were his. 
Apologies for the following poor pictures, my living room is DARK even mid day and turning on all the lights just makes things look yellow.
I wanted something to tie it in all together and I thought a clock would be a neat touch. A a quick run into Hobby Lobby and I found the perfect pocket watch that I thought did a great job of tying it all together. I think it looks great over the chair. Which will be re-covered in a sage green linen later this fall.
Bruno spends most of his inside time sprawled out on this chair, it has become is new favorite spot.

 Our next project, a trunk that my husbands Uncle used during his stint in military school back in the late 50's. Interestingly enough, the military school, Castle Heights, is located in the town just 10 minutes down the highway from where we live now in Lebanon TN.
 We wanted to use it as a coffee table, but it needed to be a bit higher. Not wanting to damage the trunk my husband made a base for it. Worked PERFECTLY! Looks like a real piece of furniture now.
 Love it!
We also brought a beautiful desk she had sitting in her foyer back as well and my husband built shelves to go over it, but I will have to show you that another time!
Getting the "to do" list knocked out feels great, but I will have to jump on my crafter list as well very, very soon!
Hope you are having a great summer!