Sunday, July 23, 2017

Its Summertime in the South.....

The Southern heat has finally hit. Really cannot complain, up until this past week we have been having a lovely summer, mostly 80's, no constant gawd awful humidity....until this past week. WHEW...and of course it had to hit hardest on Flea Market weekend.
Ya...I skipped it and opted for an indoor antique store then a float in the pool. But I have to admit, I missed going. There is always next month...or September, September is sounding pretty good.
Since I was just not up for pounding the asphalt of the Nashville Flea Market in the flesh melting heat of July, I decided to check out a new to me antique shop. Right across from the entrance to Opry Land Hotel. Deep in the heart of all of the country music tourist attractions I found a sweet little antique store. Really liked it (especially the air conditioning) they had a few good finds, but the prices are definitely on the antique store side.
Of course that did not stop me from picking up a couple little things.
Cute Orange Fire King dish called to me.
And I am always a sucker for these little tea towels.
It had been awhile since I had added to my Brass Menagerie, these darling geese had to move in with us!
When I it is super hot outside like it is right now, I tend to turn more to Ebay to try my luck. Yes....the fifth pig, the cute cereal bowl. Not a bargain price. Not so expensive that we will have to skip lunch for a week, but the bargain shopper in me is disgusted with what I paid.
But I still love it and I could consider the set complete if I decide that I don't really need the divided plate.
And I have not decided yet, although the bargain shopper in me is says enough with the pigs for now.
And does it make sense that during this heat I am craving homemade blueberry muffins? I do not like to turn the stove on in this kind of heat, but I have gotten out of bed super early the last two Sunday mornings just to make muffins. And oh it was totally worth it. This Pinterest find is now my go to recipe for blueberry muffins
So good!
I have finally finished the biggest parts of my summertime "decrap" project.  Now I can focus on back to school and dorm room prep. I do still have some fun decorating projects to do, I will have to show you once I have everything wrapped up! It will feel nice going into fall with a more organized house...not that I am finished...but a great deal of progress has been made! I hope I made some Goodwill shoppers very happy with my heavy donations the last month, LOL
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A small break in the trend....

I was lucky to have a supersized extra long 4th of July weekend. Even though I seemed to have something going on every day and still had to get online and work a couple mornings, it was a much needed mini staycation. Of course with a couple extra days off I made sure that I got some time to hit my favorite local thrifts and indoor flea market. I have been doing so much purging around the house that I was really not shopping for anything, it was just an excuse to run out and about. But...I guess when you are not looking for anything in particular, that is when you find the best stuff!
First off, Pyrex fridgies in turquoise at my favorite indoor Flea Market, no way I was passing these up!
And my apparent pig obsession continues, I could not help myself, cute little guy.
I also managed to score another red stripe Hazel Atlas mug that I forgot to get a shot of. I was ticked because one of the two I bought at the Nashville Flea last fall popped and broke the minute my daughter put hot water in it for her tea. And at 3.00? It was a steal!
But my favorite find of the day came from Southern Thrift.  When I saw them sitting there I actually stood shocked for a moment. A Fire King Primrose four piece lunch set! I have been hunting for these for months! I had decided that Primrose would be the next dish set I collected and I really loved the lunch set. This is overall in pretty good shape, no chips but some paint loss but for 2.25 each? Yes, I will deal with a little paint loss, I say it just adds some charm and character!
I continue to focus on my house "purge" so much stuff that the kids have outgrown, piles and piles of books that I have read but not looked at again in years, so many things that I just really don't use or want anymore. Feels really great to get the "extra" out and just keep what I really enjoy. The fact that we have had at least some rain almost every weekend has helped keep me inside and I have gotten much more than I anticipated done, so I hope to have it all completed by the end of July, which is good because if I am going to work any craft markets this fall I need to start looking at getting some hammering done pretty darn soon!
Purging aside, I still plan to hit the Nashville Flea next weekend, unless it is flesh melting hot, in that case, more purging with a rewarding dip in the pool after I finish!
Hope you are having a productive weekend!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

It started with a button...

At the Lebanon Antiques and Uniques show a couple months ago, there was a vendor selling the most darling button jewelry. I got to chatting with her as I was looking over her stock and she was telling me that all of the buttons were from her grandmothers massive button collection. Tons of beautiful mother of pearl buttons turned into button flowers, necklaces, rings, earrings all sorts of cute jewelry. I had to grab a couple, one for my daughter and one for myself.
I wear mine all the time. Just something about it. The mother of pearl is so smooth, I love it!
So when I came home from the Nashville Flea Market last month with my mismatched insulator, thinking of what I could possibly do with it,  I started to think that maybe I would jump on the button crafting wagon and try my hand at crafting with some vintage buttons.
Vintage buttons are not hard to come by.
We had rain almost every day over the Forth of July weekend, so one afternoon after hauling myself out of the pool as the next thunderstorm rolled in, I came inside to scroll through Pinterest for some button flower inspiration. Then I dug into my button stash and started to play around.
I have to tell you, sitting at the kitchen table, listening to the rain pelting the windows, a gentle thunder rolling as I mixed and matched vintage buttons? Pretty darn relaxing.
And I think they turned out pretty cute!

And a button bouquet was exactly what the "bottom" insulator needed.
I ended up having so much fun, I decided to incorporate a vintage print that was destined for the trash.  A few minutes with my handy dandy paper punch and I was off again.
I was really tickled with how they turned out!

Well, at least I now have something that does NOT require watering to put in my kitchen window vintage bottle collection right?
As I was digging through the buttons, I found many mother of pearl buttons. I pulled them all out as I have another idea for them!
Good to keep the creative juices flowing even during a hiatus!
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer weekend!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Forth of July!

Happy Forth of July!

Hope you have a relaxing day filled with laughter, good food, family and friends!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

I have noticed a trend...

I have noticed a trend. I seem to hit a flea market/thrifting slump once summer starts.
I was so excited to go to the June Nashville flea market. We went early, got great parking had beautiful weather....the perfect flea market  trifecta!
But there was nothing there to temp me. I walked out with two insulators that I picked up for 2.00 each and a bag full of farmers market produce, peaches and pecans.
I walked out with more food than finds...
Wondering if maybe it is the thrifting gods telling me it is time decrap and not bring more in.
Ya...I listened, I have filled bags and bags destined for Goodwill today.
I did have to laugh at my insulator finds. One was just a deeper darker blue green that I really liked. But the other is a bottom, and I thought I had the top at home. I knew the color was a bit off but thought it would work.
Not so much.....
The top.
The bottom.
Oh well. I still like the bottom. And it gave me an idea for a new project. More to come on that.
But I did really love the darker insulator. So pretty!
Almost as pretty as the produce.

Down to the last few weeks of these sweet Georgia peaches. Oh I will miss them!
Hoping you are having better thrifting luck than I am!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tenacious Me.......

 If you remember, at the Nashville Flea market last November, I picked up two Jadeite Restaurant ware Chili bowls. Now, the majority of my Jadeite collection consists of the Jane Ray pattern, but I had always liked the restaurant ware Chili bowl's and decided to grab them. I considered buying the dinner plates that the vendor was selling as well, but the hefty price tag made me decide against  buying them. The bowls were pricy enough. Then half way through the Flea market, I changed my mind, decided I wanted the plates to go with the bowls and hiked back to the vendor to buy them.
I got there just in see him wrapping them up for another customer. Dammit, will I ever learn?
I tried to tell myself that I would find some plates cheaper online. I quickly learned that the Restaurant ware Jadeite is A LOT more expensive than the Jane Ray pattern. But I was determined to acquire a two place setting at a decent price.
Seven months later, here is what I have manage to find.
Although, I decided that my new goal is a four place setting.
A bit of a far cry from the two Chili bowls I wanted.
My first score, in January I believe. Five Berry Bowls. 25.00 including shipping.
In April, four bread plates, I believe these were 35.00 including shipping?
And finally, after losing more auctions than I can count, I FINALLY scored three of the 9" dinner plates.
15.00 each including shipping. 5.00 CHEAPER than they guy selling them at the November flea market.
I guess sometimes it is worth being patient.
Don't they make a pretty group?

Mixed in with my Jane Ray collection, these new restaurant ware pieces join some I already had in my collection. Two restaurant ware platters, four of the restaurant ware mugs (three bucks a piece at my favorite indoor flea market, you very much), the milk pitcher, another steal for 25.00 free shipping. And just found the fifth odd ball mug in April.
Being tenacious pays off.
Tenacious...or obsessed. I think I will go with tenacious.
And the search continues.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The fourth little pig....

As soon as we got back from the last Nashville Flea market with my surprise pig dish set, off to Ebay I went to see if I could find any more pieces that belonged to the set. I cannot say I was surprised that I did not find many, I was really hoping to find a plate. But thinking about it, it made sense that I would not find one. These were obviously intended to be "toddler" dishes. But what I did find was a wide plate/bowl.
Now, I will admit, I paid a bit for this, at 14.00 with shipping, it was not the bargain the other pieces were. Oh well, you pay for the convenience and for being able to find what you are looking for quickly instead of scouring the Flea markets for months. I freaking love these little pig dishes and have been using them non stop since I brought them home.
Worth the extra couple $$$$ to complete my little set!
Yes, I do realize that these are baby dishes....but hell with it. I love them!
I found a divided dish in this pattern and another slightly different pig bowl as well....stalking those on Ebay too.
Will this be a big collection? No, I would like to find one of each piece though, love the thought that I have reunited a set that was meant to be together.
Next weekend is already the next Nashville Flea Market! I am (per usual) looking very forward to it! and can you believe the 4th of July weekend is right around the corner? This year is speeding by at a dizzying pace!
 Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Leather and Pearls........

When I was walking through the Lebanon Antiques and Uniques show last week with my buddy Kim, we stopped into a booth selling beautiful leather and bead jewelry. One of the things they were selling were lariat necklaces made with free form baroque fresh water pearls. I really liked them. And with every intention of coming back to buy something, we wandered out to go visit with our booth buddies. But, me being me..we finished our craft business brain storm session and said goodbye. I strolled right out never stopping back to buy the necklace, remembering it only when I was about half way home.
I was not very happy with myself. Too many things swirling around in my brain makes me very forgetful sometimes.
But I am a crafty gal, so I was sure I could make one myself. As soon as I got settled Saturday night, I jumped online to track down some pearls. And would you believe Ebay had the nicest pearls and the best price? Seventeen 12mm Baroque pearls, large hole, 13.00 Free shipping, I had them by Wednesday.
Can't beat it.
A quick stop into Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon for some leather cord on my way home from work Thursday, and I was good to go.
I just love the size and shape of these fresh water pearls, they are just so beautiful. Hard to photograph, but beautiful!
Such a simple design, just pearls, and knots tied with leather cord.
Ten minutes of calculated tying later. And you have a cool boho lariat necklace!
Ok, still difficult to photograph. How about on a model?
My daughter immediately claimed this one and asked that I make a bracelet and earrings to match.
Off I go to fill that order, and, make myself one.
Not something I plan to make and sell in the booth, but what a great quick handmade gift. It has a lux feel but a small price tag,  and it was a lot of fun, and very easy to make!
It finally really feels like summer here in Middle TN, time for Blackberries and afternoons in the pool!
Bruno is especially happy to be back in the pool!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Three little pigs....

How is it already June?
We had a wonderful extra long Memorial Day weekend, started off strolling through the Nashville Flea Market, Farmers Market and shopping around town. Then plenty of good times and good food with family and great friends, all balanced out with a good dose of quiet and relaxation. I actually read an entire book and a stack of magazine's over the long weekend! Almost unheard of lately!
After all the craziness of the last few months it was a very welcome break!
So I was all set to ease into my crafters semi retirement....and it turns out I may not end up being as semi retired as I thought I was going to be. I will be back doing the Lebanon flea market again in July, and I am talking to several of my crafting buddies about kicking off a new project together.
Apparently I just cannot accept slowing down. And yet, somehow, that does not really seem like such a bad thing.
One thing that certainly has not slowed down is my thrifting, and I found some great stuff at the Nashville Flea market this month!
I have to laugh at  myself sometimes at what catches my eye. Like this 1930/40's Hazel Atlas dancing pigs mug.
I cannot explain why some of these things jump out at me, but I loved this silly little kids pig mug.

 Walking out of the booth,  I was really tickled with my find....then a few booths later...dang...a pig bowl!

And I thought, how fun! Now I have a set.
Then a few booths more....a dessert dish. By this time I was really laughing at myself.
Three different booth's Three different little pigs. Total investment? 12.00.
And I may or may not have gone home, jumped directly on Ebay and found that there is a  matching pig plate/bowl. What can I say, I get a little obsessed sometimes.
It's not like piggies were the only thing I came home with. Apparently I was on a Hazel Atlas kick and really feeling the color red. Hazel Atlas stripe bowls! And at a freaking bargain price.
And a Hazel Atlas milk glass fridgie!
There is a guy at the Nashville Flea that sells the coolest selection of Succulent plants, I figured it was time to change up my lunch box!
And of course, how could I leave the Farmers Market without my first bag of  Peach Truck peaches of the season?
They are as delicious as they are beautiful, and as wonderful as they tasted just sliced up, they made an amazing peach cobbler!
 And on we move into Summer!
Hope your summer is off to a wonderful start!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

A little light crafting.....

We are down to our last few days of school and all the craziness that comes with it well as High School graduation. Let me tell you, it has been a wild ride the last few months. To say I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend, would be an understatement. But even with everything going on, and with all my "de crapping" and redecorating, I have taken some time to do some simple crafting.
I picked up several beautiful frames from Creative Village as we were cleaning out, and really wanted to find a use for them.
As I was sorting through some of my vintage bits and pieces, I found a pretty doily that was damaged beyond repair. Hummmmmm, what to do?
Cut it up and use it.
Part of it made a perfect background for one of my tiny vintage spoons. This darling spoon had a tiny horse on it.
And the center piece tucked perfectly into this tiny shadow box frame.
They look great hanging together next to my antique high boy dresser.
And I decided to get creative and frame a couple of my favorite vintage glassware photos.
I will have to tweak this one a bit more, but I like the look.
But I really like how my black cherry tomato picture looks next to this freshly spray painted antique white frame.
Not exactly difficult crafting, but it was fun to flex my creative muscles a bit.
Looking forward making it through this week and then enjoying an extra long Holiday weekend filled with flea marketing, cookouts, swimming and relaxing!
Hope you have a great week!