Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Girls day out!

For years I have been trying to drag my BFF Stacey to the Flea Market with me, and this past Friday I finally succeeded!
Full super fun girls day out, Breakfast, Flea Market, lunch, pedicures and more shopping.
What can I say, we know how to rock a day off work.
Now, Stac is a already a big garage saler and thrifter. When we both worked for the same company, we would run out and hit Goodwill and the thrift shops around our office on our lunch hours all the time, but she lives a good drive North of Nashville and had never been to the Nashville Flea market. It was time for that to change.
Sadly, we had epic thunderstorms and rain in Nashville Friday and through the weekend so the flea market was  missing quite a few vendors. But that did not matter, we still had a BLAST and scored some fun finds!
We both found super sweet vintage embroidered pillow cases. Love these pretty orange poppys!
Next I found some Hazel Atlas bowls, PINK!
And one stray blue, I am still finding myself attracted to blue lately. At 1.00 a piece, I probably should have grabbed the orange ones as well.
At another booth, I found a PINK Hazel Atlas creamer. The matching sugar bowl was nowhere to be seen, the vendor thought she may have had it, but was not positive and had no idea where it was packed away.
I can never seem to find both a sugar bowl and creamer together.
So cute! Now the sugar bowl goes on my wish list.
But, my most exciting find of the day? A serving bowl that matches the Pyrex Crazy Daisy set that I bought myself for my birthday last year!
5.00! I could not pass it up!
I was one happy girl.
Sadly, I did not think to snap pictures of Stacey's finds, well, except one.
The goat.
Stacey has a....... well, an obsession? Deep affection? For...yes, Goats.
Look at that girl grin.
A girl and her goat...a love story.
I think it is safe to say she will make the drive into Nashville for more trips through the Flea Market with me, I think I have her hooked, plus, she has to find more goats, I think she needs a flock of them.
Mint tea punch drinking flea market warriors are we!
I have to admit, the darn goat is darn cute!
 I like goats just fine, but I LOVE frogs, look at this handsome guy I found hanging out on the pool cover tonight.
I hope he hangs around once we finally get the pool open!
Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Friday thrifting therapy....

Ok, I managed to do it again. I meant to blog about my Good Friday thrift trip on Wednesday night. Well, I was again a bit off routine this week and totally blanked it until Thursday night...I did not actually even realize I forgot to blog until I was climbing into bed on Thursday night.
I am going to have to be more diligent about writing and following my weekly "to do" lists!
Anyway...better late than never right?
So, finally my Good Friday thrift run. And it was not a bad run! Sadly, both of my favorite local Goodwill stores and Southern thrift were a bust, but I lucked out at my favorite indoor flea market!
First, some sweet old Glasbake pieces.

Next I found super cute orange Fire King bowls, they of course, had to come home with me.
 And this darling vintage embroidered pillow case. I love, love the clover.
But I think my favorite find of the day, was this darling crock.
 I just loved this! Fit in perfectly with my collection!
Our Easter was a quiet day, it always is. Easter baskets for the kids and lots of good food.  I  love making a big deal out of the meal and table. So I brought out the Jadeite again, and went overboard on the flowers!

But, then it was so gorgeous outside, we grabbed the Fire King honey suckle plates instead and headed outside to eat on the pallet table! It turned out to be a really lovely night! Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!
Local strawberries are finally ready here in Middle TN,  I will make sure to hit a local farm stand this week before they are gone. Cannot do without my homemade strawberry jam! Our weather has been so erratic that I am afraid we will have a short growing season. I think this is the first time in years that I can remember the strawberries being ready before the peonies have even bloomed. Such a strange spring we are having!
Seems like summer time is barreling our way at top speed! Will be Memorial day before we know it!
Hope you have a great week!



Saturday, April 15, 2017

Prom Season 2017!

Well Prom season is here again. And if you have high school kids you  know how expensive it can get. I know we spend over 400.00 before all is said and done. This year we have two proms since my Son and his girlfriend go to different schools. So, I thought maybe I could find a way to save a few pennies.
Last year when my son and his girlfriend went to his prom we of course ordered flowers. For both cost close to 50.00. And for what we got? Uh....I was not pleased. Don't get me wrong, they were very pretty and well made, but, that much for five little sweetheart roses on a slap bracelet and a simple lapel flower? Seemed a little outrageous to me. So I decided if they went to prom again this year I would try to make them myself.
Total materials including flowers cost me 20.00. And I had a enough flowers left over for a lovely arrangement for the kitchen table. This price included ribbon and 12 corsage bracelets. I did a practice run the week before and was pretty happy with the result, so when I went for the real thing I felt pretty confident having already made my "first timer" mistakes.
My son and his beautiful girlfriend went with a "Beauty and the Beast" theme for their outfits so I went with a yellow ribbon, red roses and ivy for their flowers.
Hers: wrist corsage.

His: classic lapel flower.
I was pretty happy with how they turned out!
Unfortunately, my son went skipping out of the house and left them in the fridge at home. And since it was a Thursday night prom with a 40 minute drive between us, and I met them at nearby Arrington Vineyards for pictures after I left work... well they ended up having to go flowerless.
But I think they looked so good, they did not even need the flowers!
Hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend! My company closed for Good Friday and I decided to take advantage of the free time and hit my favorite thrifts and indoor flea market. I walked away with some fun finds!
But more about that later this week!
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

No insomnia here...

I very seldom have trouble falling asleep unless I indulge in caffeine in the evening or do not give myself about an hour or so to wind down before bed. I can read, watch a movie or flip mindlessly through Pinterest or Ebay then pass out without a problem. I may or may not have had to have my iPad removed  from the bed after I fell asleep on it, finger still on the screen.
Tech does not keep me awake.
One of the things I like to do is to type in a very broad search, like "Fire King"  in Ebay and just flip through and look. It is always fun to see what pops up.
Which may or may not lead to some questionable purchases on my part.
These Fire King custard cups are a perfect example. Now, if I had found these at the Flea Market I would have snapped them up as well, so, no poor choices due to midnight bidding.
Plain, yes, but they are kinda cute, and a great size! I think it would be fun to build single serve strawberry shortcakes or banana puddings in them!
I already have my mind on summertime desserts!
Sadly Creative Village will be closing in a couple weeks, so I stopped in to say hello and talk about helping to get the shop cleaned out. They are giving a lot of stuff away and are going to host a "rummage" sale before the rest of it goes to Goodwill or local churches. But they are cleaning out already and asked if I wanted to bring this cool certificate home with me.
Still in its chippy old frame, I thought it would look cool in my bathroom, but upon looking a bit more closely at it, the humidity there would destroy it. I think I will get it gently cleaned up and it can go live either in my kitchen or living room. It is really old, and super cool! I plan to do some research on it to see if I can figure out what kind of award or recognition it was for. Cool stuff!
It will be sad for the shop to close, but, new opportunities always come along. And if they don't, then I will make an opportunity or two of my own!
Are you all ready for Easter yet? I have a start on the kids Easter Baskets, but I will have to get cracking to finish them up this week.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lebanon Antiques and Uniques Expo part 2

At the first Antiques and Uniques Expo, I did not really do a lot of shopping for myself. I did walk through and a couple things appealed to me, but not the associated price tags. The only thing that really caught my eye last time was Kim's cute chamber pot. This time it was more of the same, high price tags kept my enthusiasm low.  
Ok, not really, because again my booth mate had some of the best things that I saw in the entire place and she priced within my budget. Yes, every single thing I bought, I bought from Tina, right there in my booth. And I left that day one happy girl!
I loved everything I bought, but I have to say my favorite? This small oil painting. I love this painting. It has an address in Germany written on the back, I have no idea if it is very old or worth any more than the 2.00 I spent on it, but it is priceless to me. I just love looking at it, such a peaceful picture. I just love the sweet little goat snuggled into his pile of hay!

Cannot wait to get it framed!
My next favorite has got to be the vintage wooden ironing board. I plan to use it as a table behind my couch once we get everything settled, but to be honest? It makes an AWESOME photography table! And oh the wood is so pretty. Just love it!
I used it while snapping pictures on Sunday, I was really enjoying myself!
I picked up another tobacco tin for my husband, this one is not really very old, but it is still cool. Especially for a 1.00.
And these darling napkins! I don't think the cute strawberries are made by hand, but the pretty honey suckle flowers sure look like they are. 8 of each design, I love them all!

And last but not least, Alice, the sweet lady that made my little window mouse had a booth set up as well and she sent me home with one of her little handmade carrots. It looks darling with my begonia loaded lunch box and my Hobby Lobby bunny.
All this fun stuff and I did not even spend half of my sales profits from Saturday! And I was sooooo happy with what I came home with!
Still snapping pictures of all these beautiful Spring blooms before they fade away.

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My return to the Nashville Flea Market

It has been a long time since I have missed more than one month of hitting the Nashville Flea Market, but I managed to miss December, January AND February, so I was very happy to finally be going last weekend!
Could not have asked for better weather and we had a really lovely stroll through the market. It was a very relaxed trip. I did not even really have anything specific in mind to look for, but I still managed to walk away with some fun treasures!

My Mom gifted me with her little leather library the Christmas before last. The ones she gave me had the brown leather covers, so when I saw these in the pretty red leather covers, I had to grab them.
And another fashion print. I love these pretty prints! This one makes my 4th, I guess that is an official collection now right?
And another tobacco tin for my husband's collection. This one may be my favorite of the three.

 And bowls...always bowls. I have a serious problem passing up bowls. I have a set of the Pyrex Woodland Cinderella bowls, but I love the standard bowls. This set is missing the largest bowl, but that is just fine, I love the smaller sizes and tend to use them the most.

And who can pass up a pretty Fire King yellow bowl? Obviously not me!

Today was the Antiques and Uniques Expo in Lebanon. Ice Cream people were not sad. But the BBQ people were and it was FAB! Sales were ok, again, not the amount of sales that I usually do for shows like this, but, that was ok because again, I had a wonderful time chatting with other artists, brainstorming ideas and shopping...yes, I did a lot more shopping than I did last time.
I spent quite a sizeable chunk of my profits!
And it was totally worth it!
But more about that later this week!
Hope you are having as much fun this weekend as I have had!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Changing up my

I am still totally in love with the little metal lunch box I picked up at my favorite indoor flea market last December. Although I was perfectly happy with the pretty cyclamen  that I had in there earlier this year, I like to switch things up from time to time. When I saw this beautiful begonia at the Nashville Flea market last weekend, I knew it would look perfect tucked into my little black lunch box!
And I was right!

It's the little things that just make your day right?
Almost ready for the Expo on Saturday! Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Finally a real taste of spring.....

So far, we have not had nicest Spring. A lovely warm snap, followed by several killing frosts that wiped out most of our usual Spring blossoms. This included the Bradford Pear blossoms and since I am highly allergic to them, I was just fine with the trade off. I detest Bradford Pear trees, sadly, most everyone around here seems to love them, I swear there are two in every yard.
Not my yard...Yuck.
But today we actually had a nice Spring day, perfect for wandering around the Nashville Flea Market, and perfect for just enjoying...well...Spring!
In the last week the Wood Violets in my yard bloomed, they seem to have doubled in number since last year so I was down on my hands and knees taking pictures and snipping a few blooms before they fade out. Their "season" is just too short for me, I wish they bloomed all summer long!

I love how they looked tucked into a vintage aluminum cup I picked up a couple years ago at the Nashville Flea Market.

We found several little treasures at the Nashville Flea Market this morning, one of  which were some gorgeous fresh strawberries, Florida strawberries. Our TN strawberries are still a few months away.

But these tasted pretty darn wonderful with some fresh homemade whipped cream.

Once I get myself organized I will have to show you some of my finds from the Flea market today. This week I will be hammering out more herb spoons in preparation for the Lebanon Antiques and Unique's Expo on April 1st.  I decided to do the show one more time, but am only bringing the spoons, that is all that sold last time, why bother lugging the other stuff in. I am interested to see if they is a better market, lets hope the weather cooperates this time.
We sure did enjoy our first trip back to the Flea Market since November, oh how I missed it!
Hope you are enjoying some beautiful Spring weather this weekend as well!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Losing track of my days!

I really meant to blog about this find from the Antiques and Uniques Expo this past week, but I somehow managed to totally lost track of my days.
How to I do that?
Well, in my defense, the kids were on spring break which kinda had me off schedule, and my daughters birthday was Friday so I took a day off  to spend with her, short week also throwing me a bit off kilter. I ended up spending my usual Wednesday blogging night enjoying a very rare Netflix binge (ok, an hour long Netflix binge, it was a weeknight after all) ....I did not actually realize it was Wednesday, until I went to crawl into bed an looked at the weather on my iPad and realized what day it was.
But I digress....
My find from the Expo...was right under my nose. It was on Kim's table, my booth mate. I never really saw it until the very end of the show. Its a vintage enamelware chamber pot. Yes, I brought a pee pot home.
But come on, do these up cycled sunflowers not look adorable in this vintage pee pot?
No worries,  it appears to be unused. The original sticker was totally intact. It actually came from Kim's family home, she had it up on a shelf in her kitchen for a long while. It now lives in my kitchen, what can I say, we have a similar sense of humor.
So my hammering hiatus may be delayed a bit, I did decide to commit to the April 1st Lebanon Antiques and Uniques Expo. This time I am only going to bring the spoons, that is what sold, that is all that I am going to bother dragging in.
I really hope the Ice Cream and BBQ guys are there, I am not gonna lie, that was a big motivator to go back, I am not ashamed to admit, I was motivated by food. Got my daughter to agree to come with me for the day, she is motivated by ice cream. Apple does not fall too far from the tree. I could probably get the boy to help as well, he is a BBQ junkie.
And who knows, maybe I will find another treasure while I am there!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lebanon Antiques and Uniques Expo

Turned out to be more of a bust than a boom.
This is a fairly new event, it began this past November and, according to the other vendors there, it has done nothing but grow since. They started with only a handful of vendors. This month was full up, and next month has a waiting list of at least 10 vendors the last time I looked.
But, we had snow that morning. For the most part, Southerners don't venture out in the snow. Foot traffic ended up being non existent in the morning, but decent most of the afternoon...but people were looking more than buying. I ended up packing up at 4:00 and heading home. They were open until 5:00.
There were more "Antiques" than anything else. And they certainly were not priced at "Flea Market" prices. I only made a little over 120.00 during the entire show.  Slow day for me in that type of venue. Per usual I sold a lot of the herb markets and sentiment spoons, but only one sign sold. We actually ended up with two booths (book keeping accident) so we had plenty of room to spread out. Our three little tables looked pretty good together. But let me tell you, getting all of our stuff in to set up and out again? A pain in the butt. Vendor parking was not good either. Thumbs down on that portion of the show.
Tried to get a decent shot of the entire main area. other than this, there were food vendors out in the adjacent hallway. Inside it was a really nice area, great for shows like this.
Oh...the food vendors? They were awesome! BBQ and Homemade Ice YUM! There were other snacks and plenty of baked goods as well. We did not go hungry.

Our little area. Both of my booth partners brought some "Antiques" to sell. Both sold more "Antiques" than craft's.
The little dollhouse with the furniture? Sold...FAST.
Kim makes the coolest concrete art. Succulents grow so well in her little planters.
Tina always has cool stuff! She had some pretty cool vintage as well, I fought the urge to buy her pyrex vine bowl and spice jars off her. They went pretty quickly!
I was pretty pleased with how my table looked.

Lots of interest and compliments on the signs, WT Fork got a lot of attention, no buyers. Sigh. At one point I had decided not to do the show again next month, but, thinking about it, I may change my mind. If I do, I will only bring spoons and maybe a sign or two, and probably mix in some of Kim's planters since she is booked into another show that weekend and our stuff really goes well together. But we will see. I need to get some sleep before I make up my mind for sure.
But I did not leave the show empty handed. Although I was good and resisted (several) bowls and more spice jars, there was one thing I could  not pass on.
But I will show you that later this week!
Hope Spring ahead does not kick your butt this week like it will most likely kick mine!