Sunday, May 21, 2017

A little light crafting.....

We are down to our last few days of school and all the craziness that comes with it well as High School graduation. Let me tell you, it has been a wild ride the last few months. To say I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend, would be an understatement. But even with everything going on, and with all my "de crapping" and redecorating, I have taken some time to do some simple crafting.
I picked up several beautiful frames from Creative Village as we were cleaning out, and really wanted to find a use for them.
As I was sorting through some of my vintage bits and pieces, I found a pretty doily that was damaged beyond repair. Hummmmmm, what to do?
Cut it up and use it.
Part of it made a perfect background for one of my tiny vintage spoons. This darling spoon had a tiny horse on it.
And the center piece tucked perfectly into this tiny shadow box frame.
They look great hanging together next to my antique high boy dresser.
And I decided to get creative and frame a couple of my favorite vintage glassware photos.
I will have to tweak this one a bit more, but I like the look.
But I really like how my black cherry tomato picture looks next to this freshly spray painted antique white frame.
Not exactly difficult crafting, but it was fun to flex my creative muscles a bit.
Looking forward making it through this week and then enjoying an extra long Holiday weekend filled with flea marketing, cookouts, swimming and relaxing!
Hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Love at first sight....

Some months ago, I stopped into Creative Village to drop off some stock. As we were visiting and I set out stock, I noticed that they had a new display piece. This gorgeous old Highboy Dresser,  I immediately fell in love with it, the beautiful wood, the elegant shape, and was tickled that my stock was displayed on top of it.
So when I found out they were closing, I asked if I could buy it, we ended up bartering, and we both ended up happy!
But it needed a little work. Someone had started to paint it, only one side was painted, that had to come off. So, home it came with me and I started to work on it right away, pulling it apart and prepping it. I was that excited!
Up first thing Sunday Morning (Not Easter Sunday...I think it was the weekend after, I a losing track of my weekends) slapped a nice thick layer of orange gel stripper down, man, that stuff works miracles, and smells just lovely!

After 5 minutes the paint (thankfully just one layer) began wiping off very easily, hardly any scraping required.
This is after less than a half hour work.

The top was pretty gloopy, so I did a quick strip of that as well.

Good scrub to get all the residue off and it looked this clean!
Structurally it is solid, one drawer has some issues, but other than that, it is in great shape.
So, after the paint was stripped off and it got a good bath in murphy oil soap and a heavy rub of good furniture wax, I switched out the glass knobs with what I think is more like original brass knobs and put the mirror back onto it to bring it inside.
And I swoon every time I walk by it. I may also have to run my hand along the top every time I walk by, ya, I am in love.
That fabulous old mirror, beautiful worn wood, loaded up with my vintage Pyrex and glass ware, it is a perfect and gorgeous storage solution in my kitchen. And it fits in just perfectly.
Can you tell that I just love it?
And, it forced me to do a big "de crap" and re arrange in my kitchen. Win/win!
I love bringing a vintage piece back to life and making it useful again!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

30 for 13

Well, life continues to be on the busy side, This last month before school ends always is, but throw in kids Birthday celebrations, two proms, two graduations, end of year honors awards and school concerts on top of the usual day to day busy and trying to tackle Spring yard work, house projects and "decrapping" it has me feeling like we have been running a non stop marathon! But it will be, for the most part, over with in a couple weeks, and we should be able to enjoy some lazy summer days....well, before it all starts over again!
 A couple weekends ago, I stopped out to the shop to pick up what was left of my stock, but left with much more than just that..yes..that project reveal is still to come, but, before I ran into the shop I of course stopped into my favorite indoor flea market. Pickings were pretty slim, but I did decide to grab a pile of Melmac that has been sitting there for months. Really I only wanted the Normandy Rose plates, but it was a package deal, 30 pieces total, and with the booth running a sale, Only 13.00, 30 for 13? I figured it was time they came home with me.
I now have enough for a setting of 12. Perfect for larger outside dinner parties!
But what to do with the rest?

Well, It is pretty, and as often as we eat outside. I suppose it will all be put to good use!
I found one more treasure when I was in there, a lone piece of Jadite restaurant ware.
We spent today working in the backyard and getting my "she shack" put together, I am excited to use this new cup tomorrow morning sipping coffee in the new and improved shack!
So I keep talking about the big project I finished Easter weekend, I promise to show you that next, just have to get some good pictures taken first!
Hope you are getting to slow down and enjoy some of this beautiful Spring weather!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Strawberries and Roses.....

It is peak Strawberry season here in Tennessee, and I was afraid that because of our busy weekend schedules this month along with the unpredictable wet weather we have been having, that I was going to have to miss out on picking again this year.
Because of this panic, I again asked my husband to hit the Farmers Market in downtown Nashville on his way home from work and pick up a big flat of Strawberries for jam. Mission accomplished, that was completed last Friday night. But I still really wanted to pick my own. So, even though we had a busy day planned for today, I decided I would jump up early if the weather permitted and go pick.
And the weather we went. And we LOVED it!
We went to one of our local farms. Circle S is a beautiful Century Farm a gorgeous 10 minute drive from my house. Found out that they sell veggies in the summer as well...we will be back, often!
They had a beautiful crop this year.

We went as soon as they opened this morning, A perfect cool sun shine morning and a very successful pick!

Of course as soon as we got home I had to get some pictures of these beautiful gems and the flowers I picked up. My Peonies are not very plentiful this year, but that is ok, I filled out the bouquet with roses and hydrangeas. I think roses and Strawberries were meant to hang out together.
Don't you agree?
Oh, and I have to say, the Strawberry freezer jam that I made with the strawberries from the Nashville Farmers Market?
Its the start of the season! Support your local Farms!  Get out there hit those Farmers Markets and take advantage of those farms that allow you to get out there and pick your own!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Busy weekend? That is an understatement.....

Well, I missed my usual blog post on Saturday night. But I do have a good excuse. Prom #2, Flower making, Strawberry Jam making, the usual house clean and grocery shop, a stop into Creative Village to help clean and take a load out, a quick indoor flea market run AND a big refurb project on a gorgeous dresser...I was one busy lady, to the point where I was happy to go to work Monday morning, just so I could sit for awhile!
More on the Jam and refurbed dresser this weekend. Tonight is all about Prom #2..this time we remembered the flowers!
Different dress for this prom, a very romantic look so I wanted to do something slightly different with the flowers. But, come Friday night, I was in a total Mom panic when I could not find the roses I planned to use anywhere. After 5 different grocery stores I accepted the fact that I would either have to run across town first thing in the morning to Trader Joes and hope they had the right roses, or change my plan.
I was tired...I changed my plan.
Plan two was inspired by one of my favorite Georgia O'Keefe paintings. Pretty white/pink roses, Baby's breath and tiny pink carnations.
I think it worked out pretty well!
His: Standard lapel flower. This time I wrapped the stem. I liked the finished look the ribbon gave it.
And hers: My Georgia O'Keefe Inspiration! Again, I wrapped the stem since the flowers were more "bouquet" like. Have I mentioned how much I loved doing this? I really did!
And they ended up matching perfectly!
They looked so wonderful! Pictures at Opry Land Hotel this time. I had to laugh at how many total strangers were asking to take their picture! we had at least four different ladies stop us and ask if they could take a picture of them as we walked through the hotel gardens. So funny!
They are awfully pretty together!
Sweetest kids ever!
I was one very proud (although exhausted) Mom.
Busy weekend led to an equally busy week so far, I have much more to show you next time, why next time? Cause right now, I am tired!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Girls day out!

For years I have been trying to drag my BFF Stacey to the Flea Market with me, and this past Friday I finally succeeded!
Full super fun girls day out, Breakfast, Flea Market, lunch, pedicures and more shopping.
What can I say, we know how to rock a day off work.
Now, Stac is a already a big garage saler and thrifter. When we both worked for the same company, we would run out and hit Goodwill and the thrift shops around our office on our lunch hours all the time, but she lives a good drive North of Nashville and had never been to the Nashville Flea market. It was time for that to change.
Sadly, we had epic thunderstorms and rain in Nashville Friday and through the weekend so the flea market was  missing quite a few vendors. But that did not matter, we still had a BLAST and scored some fun finds!
We both found super sweet vintage embroidered pillow cases. Love these pretty orange poppys!
Next I found some Hazel Atlas bowls, PINK!
And one stray blue, I am still finding myself attracted to blue lately. At 1.00 a piece, I probably should have grabbed the orange ones as well.
At another booth, I found a PINK Hazel Atlas creamer. The matching sugar bowl was nowhere to be seen, the vendor thought she may have had it, but was not positive and had no idea where it was packed away.
I can never seem to find both a sugar bowl and creamer together.
So cute! Now the sugar bowl goes on my wish list.
But, my most exciting find of the day? A serving bowl that matches the Pyrex Crazy Daisy set that I bought myself for my birthday last year!
5.00! I could not pass it up!
I was one happy girl.
Sadly, I did not think to snap pictures of Stacey's finds, well, except one.
The goat.
Stacey has a....... well, an obsession? Deep affection? For...yes, Goats.
Look at that girl grin.
A girl and her goat...a love story.
I think it is safe to say she will make the drive into Nashville for more trips through the Flea Market with me, I think I have her hooked, plus, she has to find more goats, I think she needs a flock of them.
Mint tea punch drinking flea market warriors are we!
I have to admit, the darn goat is darn cute!
 I like goats just fine, but I LOVE frogs, look at this handsome guy I found hanging out on the pool cover tonight.
I hope he hangs around once we finally get the pool open!
Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Friday thrifting therapy....

Ok, I managed to do it again. I meant to blog about my Good Friday thrift trip on Wednesday night. Well, I was again a bit off routine this week and totally blanked it until Thursday night...I did not actually even realize I forgot to blog until I was climbing into bed on Thursday night.
I am going to have to be more diligent about writing and following my weekly "to do" lists!
Anyway...better late than never right?
So, finally my Good Friday thrift run. And it was not a bad run! Sadly, both of my favorite local Goodwill stores and Southern thrift were a bust, but I lucked out at my favorite indoor flea market!
First, some sweet old Glasbake pieces.

Next I found super cute orange Fire King bowls, they of course, had to come home with me.
 And this darling vintage embroidered pillow case. I love, love the clover.
But I think my favorite find of the day, was this darling crock.
 I just loved this! Fit in perfectly with my collection!
Our Easter was a quiet day, it always is. Easter baskets for the kids and lots of good food.  I  love making a big deal out of the meal and table. So I brought out the Jadeite again, and went overboard on the flowers!

But, then it was so gorgeous outside, we grabbed the Fire King honey suckle plates instead and headed outside to eat on the pallet table! It turned out to be a really lovely night! Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!
Local strawberries are finally ready here in Middle TN,  I will make sure to hit a local farm stand this week before they are gone. Cannot do without my homemade strawberry jam! Our weather has been so erratic that I am afraid we will have a short growing season. I think this is the first time in years that I can remember the strawberries being ready before the peonies have even bloomed. Such a strange spring we are having!
Seems like summer time is barreling our way at top speed! Will be Memorial day before we know it!
Hope you have a great week!



Saturday, April 15, 2017

Prom Season 2017!

Well Prom season is here again. And if you have high school kids you  know how expensive it can get. I know we spend over 400.00 before all is said and done. This year we have two proms since my Son and his girlfriend go to different schools. So, I thought maybe I could find a way to save a few pennies.
Last year when my son and his girlfriend went to his prom we of course ordered flowers. For both cost close to 50.00. And for what we got? Uh....I was not pleased. Don't get me wrong, they were very pretty and well made, but, that much for five little sweetheart roses on a slap bracelet and a simple lapel flower? Seemed a little outrageous to me. So I decided if they went to prom again this year I would try to make them myself.
Total materials including flowers cost me 20.00. And I had a enough flowers left over for a lovely arrangement for the kitchen table. This price included ribbon and 12 corsage bracelets. I did a practice run the week before and was pretty happy with the result, so when I went for the real thing I felt pretty confident having already made my "first timer" mistakes.
My son and his beautiful girlfriend went with a "Beauty and the Beast" theme for their outfits so I went with a yellow ribbon, red roses and ivy for their flowers.
Hers: wrist corsage.

His: classic lapel flower.
I was pretty happy with how they turned out!
Unfortunately, my son went skipping out of the house and left them in the fridge at home. And since it was a Thursday night prom with a 40 minute drive between us, and I met them at nearby Arrington Vineyards for pictures after I left work... well they ended up having to go flowerless.
But I think they looked so good, they did not even need the flowers!
Hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend! My company closed for Good Friday and I decided to take advantage of the free time and hit my favorite thrifts and indoor flea market. I walked away with some fun finds!
But more about that later this week!
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

No insomnia here...

I very seldom have trouble falling asleep unless I indulge in caffeine in the evening or do not give myself about an hour or so to wind down before bed. I can read, watch a movie or flip mindlessly through Pinterest or Ebay then pass out without a problem. I may or may not have had to have my iPad removed  from the bed after I fell asleep on it, finger still on the screen.
Tech does not keep me awake.
One of the things I like to do is to type in a very broad search, like "Fire King"  in Ebay and just flip through and look. It is always fun to see what pops up.
Which may or may not lead to some questionable purchases on my part.
These Fire King custard cups are a perfect example. Now, if I had found these at the Flea Market I would have snapped them up as well, so, no poor choices due to midnight bidding.
Plain, yes, but they are kinda cute, and a great size! I think it would be fun to build single serve strawberry shortcakes or banana puddings in them!
I already have my mind on summertime desserts!
Sadly Creative Village will be closing in a couple weeks, so I stopped in to say hello and talk about helping to get the shop cleaned out. They are giving a lot of stuff away and are going to host a "rummage" sale before the rest of it goes to Goodwill or local churches. But they are cleaning out already and asked if I wanted to bring this cool certificate home with me.
Still in its chippy old frame, I thought it would look cool in my bathroom, but upon looking a bit more closely at it, the humidity there would destroy it. I think I will get it gently cleaned up and it can go live either in my kitchen or living room. It is really old, and super cool! I plan to do some research on it to see if I can figure out what kind of award or recognition it was for. Cool stuff!
It will be sad for the shop to close, but, new opportunities always come along. And if they don't, then I will make an opportunity or two of my own!
Are you all ready for Easter yet? I have a start on the kids Easter Baskets, but I will have to get cracking to finish them up this week.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lebanon Antiques and Uniques Expo part 2

At the first Antiques and Uniques Expo, I did not really do a lot of shopping for myself. I did walk through and a couple things appealed to me, but not the associated price tags. The only thing that really caught my eye last time was Kim's cute chamber pot. This time it was more of the same, high price tags kept my enthusiasm low.  
Ok, not really, because again my booth mate had some of the best things that I saw in the entire place and she priced within my budget. Yes, every single thing I bought, I bought from Tina, right there in my booth. And I left that day one happy girl!
I loved everything I bought, but I have to say my favorite? This small oil painting. I love this painting. It has an address in Germany written on the back, I have no idea if it is very old or worth any more than the 2.00 I spent on it, but it is priceless to me. I just love looking at it, such a peaceful picture. I just love the sweet little goat snuggled into his pile of hay!

Cannot wait to get it framed!
My next favorite has got to be the vintage wooden ironing board. I plan to use it as a table behind my couch once we get everything settled, but to be honest? It makes an AWESOME photography table! And oh the wood is so pretty. Just love it!
I used it while snapping pictures on Sunday, I was really enjoying myself!
I picked up another tobacco tin for my husband, this one is not really very old, but it is still cool. Especially for a 1.00.
And these darling napkins! I don't think the cute strawberries are made by hand, but the pretty honey suckle flowers sure look like they are. 8 of each design, I love them all!

And last but not least, Alice, the sweet lady that made my little window mouse had a booth set up as well and she sent me home with one of her little handmade carrots. It looks darling with my begonia loaded lunch box and my Hobby Lobby bunny.
All this fun stuff and I did not even spend half of my sales profits from Saturday! And I was sooooo happy with what I came home with!
Still snapping pictures of all these beautiful Spring blooms before they fade away.

Hope you are having a great week!