Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby it's cold outside!

Wow, I know a large part of the country is experiencing a deep freeze right now, and It is well below freezing here in Middle Tennessee, for us, that is COLD! Thankfully,  here in the South a deep freeze never sticks around for too long.

I have to admit, as much as I love the warm weather,  I do enjoy a good cold snap. I tend to stick around the house more than usual and make tons of soup.

I know this hardly counts as a soup recipe, but it is my favorite to sip on when it gets cold outside. Simple as can be, it is a close imitation of Japanese Miso broth you get at most Japanese restaurants, I found the recipe on Pinterest and thought, this is so basic, how can this be good?  I almost hesitate to call it a real recipe, just store bought stock simmered for hours with onion, garlic, celery and carrots, salt and pepper. I usually toss it together early in the morning and let it simmer away on the stove before I strain out the veggies that flavor it and just drink the rich broth. Sometimes I will toss mushrooms, nori strips, shrimp or tofu into it, but really, I am happy just drinking it as a glorious broth, Oh so good and I swear it chases a cold away!

Rich broths, strong sweet tea, homemade applesauce bread and warm slippers pretty much make the cold weather worth tolerating for me, of course flipping through heirloom seed catalog after heirloom seed catalog while snuggling under my favorite vintage chenille  blanket with my fat Pug helps as well :)

January is a "recharge" month for me. After the craziness of the holiday I really enjoy just slowing down, easing my way into the new year and the resolutions I have made. It is a great time of year to get caught up on reading and movies I have missed. This month one of my resolutions is to get out and hit the thrift stores, At my former job it was easy for me to slip out at lunch and hit two near by, not at my new office so I have not been in months, and I miss it!

I never do slow down too much or for too long, I have been hammering away for a half hour or so each night this week, working on some sweet sentiment spoons for Valentines day.  I have really been having fun sorting through sweet Valentine quotes, I will post some pictures of my creations this weekend before I bring them into the shop.

Until then, enjoy the cold, and all the winter comforts, because before we know it Spring will be here!

Hope you are having a great week. Keep warm!

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