Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Last week, my son came home from his Adventure crew meeting just raving about this wonderful tea they had. So what kind of tea was it? Russian tea, yup Tang, instant tea and spices. Have not had this stuff since the 70's.

Of course he asked if we could make some. Both of my kids are big tea drinkers, iced and hot. So, I hit Pinterest and asked my mother if she remembered her recipe, yes she did and yes Pinterest had about 20 different variations of it as well. Out I ran to the grocery store on Saturday, picked up everything I needed, tweaked as I saw fit and filled a mason jar with our 1970's throw back.

Yup, this stuff is just as yummie as I remembered. Not exactly low in sugar, but oh heck, it is so good it is worth it!

Especially if you have rad 1970's looking cups to drink it out of!

These fabulous Fire King mugs were an Ebay find. I really just stumbled upon them while mindlessly flipping through just...well...looking. Aside from Jadeite, this has to be my all time favorite design. I have a few bowls but NEVER see this pattern at the thrifts or the flea markets down here. Every piece I have ever found, has been on Ebay. Yes, these were a little pricey, but I love them, so they are worth it to me!

And I think they make my "Russian tea" taste even better!

Ok...not really, but heck, why not love the mug you drink from?

Been such a crazy week for me! I am hoping to get out and do some thrifting this weekend! Fingers crossed that I will find some treasures to share with you!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

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