Saturday, January 24, 2015

Errands and Flea marketing

Another crazy busy week has come to an end, and before the next crazy busy week started I decided to treat myself to a little flea market fix. Even though this is the weekend for the Nashville flea market,  I decided to pass. I  seldom go this time of year anyway,  and since I had some grocery shopping to do (and had to pick up a jar of my favorite peach salsa at the local gourmet food store as well), plus I had several spoons and cards to drop off at Creative Village. So I thought since my favorite indoor flea is just five minutes down the road from Creative Village, I would stop before I went there instead of heading to the fair grounds.

I have not had a ton of luck at the flea markets or thrifts lately, but I found a few little treasures this morning.

I admit to having a weakness for vintage tea towels, this one with the green trim and darling pink rose was too sweet, oh and the tiny bird prints I just could not leave behind.

They are so sweet.

And I added another Prayer lady to my collection. I have recently passed some up, like the prayer lady planter I really regret not grabbing at the Nashville Flea market some months ago, so when I saw that she was in a half price booth, I grabbed her.

They make a pretty gathering!

I also brought home my very first Swanky Swig. I do like the Swigs, but I never see them at the Thrifts and they are usually a little more expensive then I want to spend at the Antique malls, but this one was in the same half price booth as my Prayer lady so I grabbed it.

Orange Juice tastes even better in a pretty vintage glass right?

Oh, and a little update on my last sewing box! I wandered into World Market a couple weeks ago and found the coolest owl pulls! I swapped them out for the brushed brass ones I had first put on, and they turned out to be a perfect match!

I love it!

We went to sleep last night with the rain, and woke up this morning with the snow. I think every child in Middle TN, including my own,  jumped out of bed this morning to run out and play in the snow before it melted. I ran outside as well, only with my camera in hand and got a few pretty shots. All the snow was of course gone by noon. But it sure was pretty while it lasted.

Tomorrow I plan to have a quiet relaxing day, with a sleeping pug in my lap, a book, some homemade soup, bread and cookies. 

Let"s hope everything goes according to plan!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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