Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful kick off to the new year! We are not big party people so we had a nice quiet evening at home. A nice meal, some good movies and snacks at midnight are about as crazy as we get. And I for one love it.

But now, its time to get down to it and start thinking about what the new year will bring.

First things first, I am going to have to get some hammering done. Christmas sales were pretty good at Creative Expressions and I will need to get some more stock ready, I have plans for some sweet sentiment spoons for Valentines day. And of course Spring will be here before we know it and I will be hammering out lots of herb markers. I have a large number of knives that I think  I will turn into vegetable marker and I may also try my hand at some garden art as well, I have seen the Dragon flies made from butter knives and I think that will be a fun project to try. 

 I had a new batch of silverware delivered today. I resorted to Ebay for this lot and was pretty satisfied with the price, I think the only reason I won at such a reasonable price is because the pictures posted to the auction were not fantastic and because the auction ended on Christmas day, Call me a grinch, but yes, I was surfing ebay on Christmas eve. paid off.

There are some beautiful pieces in this lot, and I am excited to get back to hammering.

I have to admit, I kept more than a couple pieces to add to my stash that I just cannot stand to hammer. They are far too pretty.

Pretty, Pretty!

I think this one  is for oysters? Or maybe grapefruit? I need to learn my tableware, I just loved this piece.

These darling little tea spoons will look fantastic with my Limoges dishes with the most darling little  pink roses on them.

The seller sent some little adds that came with some of the Silverware, I thought they were so cool.

I think is going to be an exciting year for "My Hobby" I have lots of plans, and ideas to try this year! So here is to 2015! Lets make it a great year! 

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