Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It started with a jar of marbles.....

That ubiquitous jar of marbles that you see in every booth in every antique store, flea market or estate sale...and yes, at my house as well.

I can't pin point exactly why or what made me decide that I wanted vintage marbles in a pretty vintage blue ball jar, but about a two years ago I did, so that started me on a mission to collect a number of beautiful vintage glass marbles that popped into a blue ball mason jar from the flea market. And I was satisfied, or so I thought.

What this silly jar of marbles started, was a mild obsession with vintage games. Even my kids got in on it. Since the jar of marbles we have collected vintage dominoes, dice, scrabble tiles and metal Jacks from the 40's, oh and if you think legos hurt to step on...try stepping a metal jack, needless to say those are no longer allowed out of the jar. 

And we kept collecting. Poker chips, pool balls, playing cards,  Halsam checkers, a tournament chess set from the 40's, Backgammon and our latest addition, Royal Rummy.

My son loves the hunting dog/hunter cards.

I love these Bakelite poker dice.

My mom even let us adopt her Scrabble game, I am not sure when she bought it, But I remember it as a really small child. So its gotta be old!

Next, I am on the hunt for a vintage Bingo game. Or, maybe just some vintage Bingo balls. The kids and I really enjoy hunting down new things to add to our game collection. 

You just never know what will start a collection!

I walked out of the thrift stores empty handed last weekend and did not make it out to Creative Village with all my new spoons, but I have been hammering away again this week and plan to drop off a bunch of new sentiment spoons this weekend. And hit my favorite indoor flea market, maybe I will have better luck there? I sure hope so.

Hope you are having a great week!

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