Monday, February 16, 2015

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

Last week I was having some "issues" with my internet and virus protection. Honestly, it was ticking me off to the point where I just closed up the computer and walked away. Thankfully my husband is more patient than I am and he was  finally able to get me back up and running late last night. Just for the record, it took him three hours of messing around with it. Frustrating!

So I missed doing my usual blog posts for all of last week, but then, I got an unexpected extended weekend! My office is not normally closed on Presidents Day, but, with what is turning into an epic Southern ice storm, the entire city is for all practical purposes, shut down!

I can't say it upset me too much. I am able to work from home now, so I put in a few hours, happily answering emails in my jammies and slippers, and although Saturday was cold, it was not enough to stop me from running all of my errands  so the house is fully stocked with all the basics plus our favorite munchies. Not to mention I had a chance to sneak in a run to my favorite indoor flea market (more on that later this week) because today? Today is all about this ice storm!

Beautiful and terrible all at the same time. We already have some tree damage, but oh, they are so gorgeous coated with this ice!

I am totally in love with my corkscrew willow tree, to me it is beautiful year round, leaves or no leaves.

 I snapped this picture just before the branch cracked and broke out of the tree, yes, on top of me, but I move fast and got out of the way!

Beautiful buds that have formed over the last few weeks, today they are encased in ice.

Icicles growing and growing!

I never get tired of these beautiful twisty branches.

Those lovely delicate blades of grass, so pretty!

Our neighbor's cedar tree is loaded with pine cones, and oh it is so gorgeous coated with ice.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm! Have a wonderful week!

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