Sunday, February 1, 2015

Magic Bread

I am not a gifted baker.

 Try as I might, I am just not patient enough to measure exactly and follow each step to the letter. I am a cook, I toss stuff in, taste, experiment and adjust. I have a great respect for people who have the patience to bake.

But there are a few things that I do rock when it comes to baking. I make a mean cupcake, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies and several different quick breads. My banana bread, applesauce bread and pumpkin bread will knock your socks off.

One thing that I never even tried was good french bread. Nothing is going to beat what I can get at the bakery (ok, Panera) I love Panera French Bread.

So when I found this pin for easy Crusty Bread on Pinterest, I thought I would give it a try. I figured worst case scenario I would be out a packet of yeast and some flour. Oh was I wrong. This recipe was for real.

It is the easiest bread EVER! My kids call it "Magic Bread" because you toss a soggy flour ball into a screaming hot cast iron pot, cook it for a half hour and it comes out looking like this.

Oh ya! I made this!This was the Parmesan Herb loaf we made for dinner, Looks like it came from Panera right? Oh it was so good.

I baked another loaf for the kids breakfast this morning. Oh so good to have warm fresh loaf of country bread for breakfast on a cold rainy winter Sunday morning.

Perfect with some Apple Bourbon Jam from one of our local Nashville businesses. Nashville Jam makes an amazing Peach Salsa as well...another new obsession of mine.

I like the basic bread recipe best with some butter and my own Strawberry Jam from last spring. Oh I cannot wait for Strawberry season this year.

Hummmm, I may be getting a touch of spring fever.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

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