Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A quick trip

This  past Saturday, after running errands and re stocking the house in anticipation of the storm I was sure would not come, but did, I decided that I just had the itch and needed a quick flea market run.

I really should have gone into Goodwill, but, I was just not feeling it. I wanted to hit my favorite indoor flea market. I am glad I did, I did manage to find a couple treasures.

I never pass up a pyrex or fire king platter unless it is overpriced. This Pyrex platter is really large and was bargain priced. These things are really the work horses of my kitchen. I use them constantly. As a matter of fact, This one got washed immediately upon coming home, used for dinner that night, later for cookies and had to be washed again the next morning so it could have it's picture taken. I love platters like this one!

The next find made my trip. I have never seen the Fire King Honeysuckle pattern in my travels and I was tickled to actually find a creamer/sugar set instead of only one or the other, the bowl was just a bonus. Of course now I have decided I really like this pattern, I may be on the hunt for plates now!

And last but not least, this fantastic old Pamco measuring cup, the top is missing but I have had my eye on this thing for a couple months and did not want to pay the 10.00 asking price. As luck may have it the booth was having a 50% off sale this weekend, I figured I was not going to get any better than that so it came home with me as well.

When I get the itch, I try to listen. Glad I did, I am happy with my treasures.

My office was closed again today although we are starting to defrost a bit already, first thing this morning the roads were dangerous with thick ice but as the morning progressed and the sun came out the ice is starting to melt off the trees and streets. Bad news? More snow in the forecast for tonight, they have gone ahead and cancelled our local schools for the entire week. My kids are thrilled, knowing I will most likely have to drive in to work tomorrow, I am not. Oh well, thankfully this kind of weather is the exception, not the norm.

But it sure makes for some beautiful picture opportunities! I was out again today snapping away. The trees are so gorgeous under that coat of ice.

Kind of glad I did not bother picking all the crab apples off this past fall!

We should be out and about tomorrow, This unexpected mini vacation has been a much needed and appreciated break!

Hope your week is going well!

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