Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day three of our captivity, food is running low and tensions are running high.

LOL~ No I am totally kidding, we are all happier than hobbits eating second breakfast!

 Three days of laying on the couch under my favorite Chenille blanket, snuggling with the dogs while watching movies, surfing Pinterest, drinking hot cocoa and eating our favorite snacks makes for one fantastic week. Heck I am even a good week away from really needing a grocery store run. Although I did run out of orange juice this morning, the kids and I are on an Orange Juice kick and thankfully my husband was able to stop in the grocery store on his way home today and grab another 1/2 gallon so we are again set. Crises averted.

I  have been making the most out of the gift of time we received this week and really enjoyed leisurely making some of our favorite dinners. Tonight, the kids requested homemade pizza, and as I started my pizza dough this afternoon, I was thinking about how much I enjoy using all of my vintage flea market finds in the kitchen.

Already this Pamco measuring cup I picked up this weekend is becoming a favorite. Perfect size! I had my yeast and sugar  brew bubbling happily  away!

Always love picking out one of my many bowls to use, and this was actually the first time I used this little measuring cup/sifter. I picked this up a few months ago at my favorite indoor flea market, It was just so cute and I knew it would come in handy, I was right, I love it!

I can't believe I have not used it until now.

I chose to use the pretty pink gooseberry Pyrex princess bowl  that my mom gave me for Christmas, I do love this pattern.

This thing is so darn cute! Yes, I know I am easy to please.

Took a quick peek! Got a nice rise going!

And the finished product, I say food made with vintage kitchen ware tastes even better, ok, maybe not but it is at least more enjoyable when you love your kitchen tools.

I think it made my husbands day to come home to his favorite dinner on a Wednesday night!

Well it  is back to reality tomorrow, we get a delayed start, don't have to be in until 10:00 so that will be a very nice way to ease into what will now be a very short week. I sure have enjoyed this super sized lazy weekend. It has been a wonderful, much needed break and I feel like my batteries have been fully recharged!

Hope you are having a great week! We are going to have torrential rain this weekend, but I think I may sneak out and try my luck at the local Goodwill stores, you never know when you will run across a treasure!

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