Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tea for two.

It started with a creamer.

When I saw this little creamer sitting on a shelf at my favorite indoor flea market last year, I was immediately attracted to it. My first thought was that it was Fire King, and the fact that it has one of my favorite color combinations, black and pink, and was marked at 1.00, it was a no brainer to come home with me.

After getting it home I did some research and found that it was in fact a Hazel Atlas Ovid pattern, and I decided I had to have the sugar bowl to go with it. I was sure it would be easy to find the sugar bowl...I was wrong. I have patiently looked for a year and have never even seen another Ovid piece in the wild. So, I resorted to Ebay. I have been very picky because I spent so little on the creamer,  I got lucky and  found an auction with four cups/saucers and sugar bowl for under 20.00 including shipping, I knew it was meant for me, so I jumped on it and won!
Actually I think I was the only bidder.


And of course since we also had new cups and saucers to play with, my daughter and I decided to take advantage of our boy free afternoon and treat  ourselves to a ladies lunch.

We had as much fun setting our table as we did eating our lunch.

Ok, we did not actually drink tea, it was a beautiful sunny 60 degrees outside today so we opted for lemonade. It was a wonderful beautiful day that gave us a much needed break from winter, but I am sure the cold weather is not through with us yet.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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