Saturday, April 23, 2016


During one of my late night scrolling sessions through Ebay I stumbled upon Brad Keeler pottery. Cute stuff, there were mostly lobster plates and for some reason they caught my eye. I still have not purchased one, but in my searching I found this cute melted butter dish.
Look at that cute little crab! I think he is adorable. Why? I don't know, Maybe I need to stop late night Ebay surfing, it was not expensive, but I do think he is really cute and inspired me to celebrate this beautiful weather by doing a seafood dinner.
Lobster claws, shrimp and French bread and because I had a craving, smoked lake trout. Yah, I know the lake trout does not really go, but it was really good and I am on a smoked food kick right now. Don't judge me.
Yummmm, I totally love smoked fish.
Perfect weather to eat outside tonight! I love having dinner outside.

I even got to drag my cute Fire King lobster plate out! What can I say, I am easily amused.
Having some fun this afternoon taking some pictures of all my flea market finds from the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, I had a great time and came how with a bunch of fun buys, but I will show you my new treasures later this week!
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend!

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