Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Every day I'm hammerin'

I have been slowly hammering away getting stock ready for the Farmisan market, and generally just getting my stock built up. Some nights I really get a lot done. Some nights I am lucky to get one spoon hammered out.  I think I will have a decent inventory for the market with plenty more to bring to Creative Village afterwards.
On Monday I looked out my kitchen window and noticed that my crabapple tree had really blossomed over the last couple of days. Knowing that we were supposed to get some storms today I figured I better run out and get some pictures of those gorgeous, sweet smelling blossoms.
So I did.

Since I was out with my camera,  I figured I would take a couple "product" shots with some of the new spoons that I will have at the Farmisan Market on the 16th. I had hand cramps from holding the spoons by the time I finally got some shots I was satisfied with.

I have been having some fun with my herb spoons. If I don't try new things, I get bored.
I self diagnose myself with Adult ADD. But it is probably more that I am getting old and have no patience.
Unfortunately for me, my dogs favorite potty spot in the backyard is under my crabapple tree. So, as I was dancing around trying not to step in the most recent "deposit" I noticed the most gorgeous wood violets in bloom.
Which made me wonder. Do the prettiest flowers grow best where the dogs poop? Or do dogs just like to poop next to the prettiest flowers? The Facebook conversation that followed that post leads me to believe that wood violets like dog poop.
I guess the lesson for the day is, if you look, you will always find some beauty mixed in next to the poop.
Hoping your week has more beauty mixed in than poop.

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