Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bowl day at the Nashville Flea Market

I called it bowl day, because, well, I bought a lot of bowls.
For me there are few things more relaxing than strolling through the flea market on a beautiful morning, and it was a gorgeous weekend for the flea. Spring at the  flea market brings a lot of vendors so I came away with some fun finds, and a lot of bowls!
Like these Hazel Atlas Ovid bowls...a buck each? Yes ma'am I will take them to add to my slowly growing Ovid lunch set!
More Hazel Atlas, funny they look a lot like the Hazel Atlas flower pot I found last month.

This 5' Fire King white bowl. Love this size and really loved the 1.00 price tag.

And another green Fire King Kimberly bowl to replace the one my son broke.....

I loved this flame orange Pyrex bowl for 5.00. Can't go wrong!

But, bowls are not the only thing I picked up.
Actually I picked up a lot of books this weekend. Most were at the Goodwill and I did not get pictures before I put them up with my other "old" books. But these were my favorites.
I also picked up some odds and ends for the kitchen. Like this fridgie to replace the one I smashed into a thousand pieces last summer. I am wiping a tear away even now as I speak of my precious broken fridgie. But this one helps to ease my pain.

A cute glass and a vintage whisk to replace the one I wore out. I used for 14 years before it literally snapped.

 Yes, I snapped a metal whisk. That takes talent, or, a hell of a lot of whisking.
Now that I realize it, I replaced a lot of thing during this flea market run. It was a more successful run than I realized!
I also grabbed this sewing machine drawer. I had it in my head that I would use it to put some of my little vintage leather pocket library books in, but it did not quite fit the way I hoped. Oh well, it is a pretty box and I am sure I will find a use for it eventually.
And flatware to hammer out...always flatware to hammer out.

Some of these may have to become ornaments for this Christmas!

I was sure this jar was smaller than the ones I already had. It is not. You can never have too many vintage blue ball mason jars right?

This is NOT a salt or pepper shaker, so it does not count as part of the collection that I did not realize I had. It is SO cute though! Along with the orange flame Pyrex bowl, this may be my favorite find of the day!

I also grabbed these vases. I will probably use them as both vases and to put tea lights in when we are outside on the deck.
And of course I cannot have a day out without stopping at Trader Joes. It is not far from the Nashville Flea market so I always stop in afterwards. I really wish they would build one on my side of town. Only one Trader Joes visit a month is just not enough for me.

I could not pass up the Meyer Lemons at Trader Joes, they were just gorgeous and made the BEST fresh squeezed lemonade. I promise, I do not  buy lemons just to take pictures of. We drink a lot of fresh squeezed lemonade once the weather starts to get nice!
I never leave there without flowers.
Is it obvious that I was having a lot of fun taking photos of my flowers and flea market finds?
Already longing for the weekend to get here, but I hope you are having a great week so far!

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