Saturday, December 12, 2015

Finally, my kitchen chairs!

Finally, after two months of looking at flea markets and antique stores, then about six weekends spent  working on them,  I have the chairs I was looking for to go with my antique farm table!
Forgive the garage shot, I was excited about finding the chairs and did not think to pull the garage door down. Yes, our garage needs a good cleaning.

Those seats...ugly, hard, rotting 1960's? vinyl. Not the original seat covers. They were still under the vinyl, a funky old red fabric I could no longer identify. It was nasty and had to go. The seats were in pretty bad shape on two of the chairs. Lucky I have a handy husband, he made new ones. Three of the chairs were in pretty good shape overall, I found a few flaws and damage after I started cleaning them up, pretty easy fixes. But one needed some real help. See that stray one off in right hand corner? It was the odd one the vendor threw in for free, It gets attention next!
So a little TLC and some feed n wax later, they were ready!

The wood turned out much darker than I anticipated. And the feed n wax brought out some red in the wood that I did not notice before. Oh well, again, you don't collect vintage and expect everything to match perfectly.

The wood may not match as well as I had hoped, but the shape of the chairs I think goes so well with the table. I love how they compliment each other!

And comfortable? Yes, these chairs are very comfortable, I doubled up the cushion on the chair seats, and the curve of the back hits your shoulders just right.
I love them! Bruno approves as well.
They fit in so well with the rest of the kitchen style. In my house nothing matches, but everything seems to go together nicely.
Perfect spot to sit with a cup of tea and look at the newest Rare Seed Catalogue that just came in the mail, oh and it is so pretty!
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

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