Thursday, December 3, 2015

I am a winter weather hoarder....

We had beautiful weather on Thanksgiving day. But this week, we are feeling a bit of Winter bite!
Years ago, when I first started to get into growing heirloom vegetables from seed, I asked my Father in Law, a farmer all his life, some questions about soil quality and other tips. He happily answered, but told me to go pick up the Old Farmers Almanac and follow it.
And I have picked one up every year since .
According to the old Farmers Almanac, we are in for a snowy winter, which of course sends me to the pantry with my notebook and a pen. In the South, the threat of an inch of snow can cause panic enough to make people clear the shelves of bread, milk and toilet paper. I am not one of those people.
 I plan ahead.
I inventory the pantry, follow the one in use, one on the shelf rule. Fill the freezer, keep an extra pack of toilet paper, the large bag of dog food and check the forecast daily. It is not rocket science people, snow and ice storms are seldom a surprise anymore.
Yes, I am that annoying person stopping into Kroger the night before a snowstorm, breezing past lines of people fifteen deep with their grocery carts over flowing with groceries as I quickly run through the self check line with my Oreos, cheezeits, ice cream, good cheese, summer sausage, crackers, fruit and orange juice, because I have learned to watch the weather and never let my pantry get low between November and March.
When we get snowed in, It is a party, and we don't run out of toilet paper, or bread. Although, sometimes we run out of orange juice and ice cream.
So bring on Winter! I am ready and really looking forward to it! I could go for a couple days snowed in. Because another nice thing about living in the South? The snow never lasts more than a couple days!
So go out and buy a copy of the Old Farmers Almanac and have a great week!

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