Saturday, November 28, 2015

When something catches your eye......

I have been collecting long enough to have learned that if something really catches your eye, grab it. I have never collected for profit, everything I have I brought home because I either had a use for it or I just liked it.  I think if you see something that you love and have the money in your pocket to buy it, do so without worry of what the return may be on it.
But lucky for me, a lot of what I have collected proves to be worth more than I paid, and that just makes it more fun for me.
Which brings me to my story.....
When I was wandering the Flea market in September I spotted a box purse in one of my favorite vendors booths, I know nothing about box purses other than they exist, but this one caught my eye, I loved the little birds on it. But, I passed on it with every intention of coming back. My goal that day was to come home with chairs for my kitchen table, and not knowing what I was going to end up having to pay, I was being careful with my cash. Of course I ended up finding my chairs for much less than I expected to have to spend, took a quick spin through the rest of the flea market and headed to my car to pick up my chairs.
I totally forgot to go back for the box purse. And I did not remember it until that Sunday afternoon. I was disgusted with myself, but, figured it was not meant to be and let it go.
Although I did not really let it go. When I headed to the November flea market on Friday, I immediately headed to the Antique shed where that vendor is always set up. and sure enough, the box purse was still there! But...the vendor was not, I was too early. So before leaving I headed back up there and got my purse. I even talked her down a couple bucks. It was not until I got home and did a quick google that I learned my cute box purse was a popular collectable!
Enid Collins was a Texas artist and designer that sold these adorable box purses in the 50's and 60's. Some are pretty gaudy ugly all are funky cool and most are worth a pretty penny, I saw a purse much like the one I picked up for 15.00 listed online for 40.00. Some of her purses were listing for as much as 400.00 and had bids on them! People apparently love these purses!
I sure love mine!

It is in excellent condition, even better than I thought after I cleaned it up a bit.

Perfect on the inside, a stray ink mark here or there, but nothing serious.

I don't plan to use it as a purse. When I first saw it I thought what a cute box to store my ever growing collection of essential oils! Still going to use it for my essential oils, but I will be very careful not to spill oils in or on the box itself.

There were not nearly as many vendors as there usually are, even in November, so my only other find were these darling Fire King TEA mugs, I did not even know there were tea mugs, I have never seen them in my travels, and I must have just looked over them online. These are so cute and the price? Two bucks for three cups, yup, I will take that. They sell for A LOT more than that online!
I plan to use them for tea tomorrow morning!
Dropped off another Hydrangea box arrangement at Creative Village just in time for small business Saturday, I doubt it will sell as fast as the last one, but I hope it sells quickly! This will be the last one I sell until Spring, I will have to focus my time on getting the Hydrangea boxes ready for rentals at Riverwood Mansion.
I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family, and am really enjoying the rest of this long weekend! I hope you are as well!


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