Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some flea market treasures

I am realizing that again, I am just two weeks away from what will probably be the last time I hit the Nashville Flea market until Spring, and I did not even get around to posting last months finds!
It was a gorgeous day, so wonderful and relaxing wandering around. I did not find a ton, some flatware to hammer and a couple small odds and ends, I even passed on the pink Pyrex creamer I have been looking for since last year, it was just too beat up and came with the sugar bowl (missing the top) that I did not want to drag home with me. But, I did find the most important thing on my list. Chairs for my Farm table! I think I got a good deal, Five chairs, 32.00. Not bad. Of course one is in pretty rough shape and the seats for two of them were totally shot and had to be rebuilt. But I felt like the wood and the shape of the chairs was spot on. I was not looking for perfection anyways, why collect vintage if you just work to make it look brand new? I have learned that lesson.
But they are getting some work. New upholstery, a bit of sanding and a good rub of feed-n-wax.

 I typically use coconut oil on my wood projects, but for the chairs, I felt they needed a really good dose of moisture and I wanted a bit of wax as well for shine. One of the ladies at Creative Village swears by it, and I did like it for this job although it darkened the wood much more than I expected. Oh and that subtle orange smell? Divine!

Love the shape of these chairs! I feel like they mirror the curve and shape of the table legs. As you can see, wherever I am, Bruno is not far behind supervising my work.

Here is a close up of the wood after a light sand and a heavy rub of feed-n-wax. The wood has more of a reddish hue than before, but I love that rich color it turned!

Here is a sneak peek of what they should all look like when I am finished! I will have to show you all of them in another blog post! I covered the seats in, yup, you guessed it. Cotton drop cloths. Again, I figured they will get dirty and I wanted something cheap and easy to rip off if (when) I change my mind and want something new. Plus, I loved the color and texture of that fabric next to the wood.

But the chairs are not the only thing to come home with me! My first dots Pyrex bowl! It is the smallest size, which I love the most. I also found my first Fire King Diamond bowl at my favorite indoor flea market last weekend. Again a small one, but honestly? Those are the ones we use the most.

Two more Swanky Swigs came home with me, I LOVE this size. It is the perfect juice glass. These were again from the indoor flea market, I swear, I find the best stuff at the same price as the Nashville Flea Market there.

And then there is this "eye sore" as my daughter calls it. But I needed a new glass for my bedside water, this one is a good size and bumpy so it is easy to hold onto when my hands are covered with lotion. Plus, I love the orange and red! It is kind of 70's funky! My daughter does not agree. And that make me laugh!

And oops! What is this? Another tree? Why yes it is! My fab flea marketing friends Deb and Tobie found this gem for me in their travels. It is the smallest one in my collection and I LOVE it! I wanted a tree for the kitchen, and this one is a perfect fit!
Sad thing? I know I found a few more things at both the Nashville and the indoor flea market. But, I cannot for the life of me remember what? Aside from a green jar (used for my essential oils) and some flatware to hammer, I am drawing a blank. Although, if I think about it, obviously they were such perfect finds that they blended right in with everyday life almost as if they had always been there. Things have a way of doing that in our house. OH! Like the thing I just remembered, a white small Fire King restaurant ware oval platter. I have been using it so often, I forgot that  I just got it. AND the orange Fire King mug that has become a part of daily life. Darn, I do get used to things fast.

We got our first hard freeze on Friday night, just as my Dahlia's started to bloom (very late I might add) Jack Frost comes along to snap them but good. Oh well, frozen or not, they sure are pretty.

I will miss my California Giant Zinnia's. Farewell until next year my beauties!
Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? Is it really just two weeks away? I feel like I have gotten a very late start planning, I only just picked up my Turkey yesterday. For someone like me who is usually planning ahead for things like that. It is unusual. But, I have to remember to give myself a break, it has been a very busy year, And I know I will be able to pull everything together for  Thanksgiving day! Of course, taking off to run errands  and (gasp, Christmas shop) this coming Friday will help.
Ouch, I was not thinking about how I need to finish the hydrangea box and Christmas tree and Christmas sentiment spoons I am working on to bring to Creative Village before Small Business Saturday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. As in the day after Black Friday. I may not get to sleep much the next couple weeks.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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