Sunday, November 22, 2015

The week before Thanksgiving.....

The week before Thanksgiving and it was a crazy busy one!
I took Friday off  to get a head start on Christmas shopping and run my Thanksgiving errands so I am in pretty good shape for this week, I may even have my Flea market chairs finished before Thanksgiving! So in my travels Friday I made sure to stop into my favorite Good Will stores and the local Southern Thrift. Not much to be found but I did come away with one treasure from Southern Thrift.
A 1930's Wesson Oil Beater Crock!

I almost passed it up because I did not want to spend 7.99 on it. I know, that is not much for a crock, which is why I changed my mind after I thought about it for a minute, and anyway, I can always use another crock, right?
I am glad I grabbed it, after doing a little research I found out that they were mass produced by Red Wing Pottery in the 30's but I don't see any markings so I will do a little more research on them, looking around online there were none for 7.99, the cheapest I found was 23.00 plus shipping, and the most expensive was 49.00 plus shipping. I don't know how well they sell, but seeing those prices made me feel pretty good about my find.
And it fit right in with my other crocks, it was meant to be!
I am moving right along on the rest of my projects, Chairs should be done this week, and another flower box should be ready to go to Creative Village in time for small business Saturday. I still need to hammer a few Christmas spoons, the Christmas tree idea I was working on looks like it is going to be a flop so no more time wasted on that. But I am pretty happy with what I have done.
This week should be nice a quiet, kids only have school for a couple days and I should be able to get all the rest of my errands run in time to put down a pretty nice dinner on Thursday!
I hope you have a peaceful easy week!

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