Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Creative Village: A short tour

I cannot believe it has been almost an entire year since I began selling at Creative Village, wow, time has really flown by!
In honor of my one year anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to take a pictorial tour of our little boutique! When I joined a year ago, I was the twentieth "artist" to join the group, today, just a year later, there are more than forty "artists", I have to admit I feel very strange referring to myself as an "artist" really, I feel more like I should be described as a crafter.
Creative Village is a tiny little boutique in the heart of the Old Hickory area in Nashville, just down the road a bit from the historic home of Andrew Jackson, The Hermitage. It is a darling little shop in a very cute area, I love the little neighborhood it is in with its little 1940's homes. Darling! With more than forty artists, the little shop is stuffed to the ceiling (literally) with lots of different handmade items.

Here is a view from the back of the shop looking toward the front door, see what I mean, tiny, but very full!
I love the creative way the shop displays everyone's items, it is so much fun to look around!
Here is my main "corner" I have products tucked all over the store, but the majority are together in this area under the Old Hickory sign. I love that sign.

As you can see, we already have the Christmas stuff out! The "Scrolling Puzzle Guy" is responsible for all the sweet little deer, this one had to come home with me and I have to admit, the Rudolf sign may be next if it is still there the next time I come in!

I have some of my photography there as well, but we have several people selling their photography there also, some very talented photographers, I love the pictures of the horses!

You can find handmade signs and pottery as well.

Several artists have Christmas ornaments there right now.

The most fun upcycled jewelry! These are made from bicycle tires!

Babylove soap, the best handmade soap I have found. My son is addicted to their "Old Hickory Bourbon" scent, and it does smell amazing!

All sorts of creative craft products!

More from the "Scrolling Puzzle Guy" My daughter LOVES his puzzles, they are adorable, he does a great job!

The little felted wool acorns that I brought home with my country mouse Stanley a couple weeks ago are from a new artist as well. Her felted wool creations are amazing!
Ok, one last shot of my pretty flowers before they sold! And I am still in love with this table, if I had the room for it in my house, it would have to come home with me.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Creative Village, if you are in the Old Hickory area of Nashville make sure to stop in and check them out!
Hope you are having a fantastic week!

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