Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Experimenting with essential oils

Although I work for a large hospital administration company, and do listen to my medical Dr. I also like to explore natural remedies, and essential oils are right up my alley because not only do they smell amazing, they have some pretty interesting healing qualities.
I have been seeing so many recipes for Doterra On Guard and have actually seen first hand how it worked on someone, so I decided to give it a try. And while I was at it, and since I constantly suffer with "Middle Tennessee" allergies, I thought I would try my hand at mixing some allergy blends as well and see if they really work.
Fun stuff, I actually already had everything I needed on hand except for the Doterra On Guard. Ok, that was really expensive so I gave an off brand a try.
It smells wonderful! Lets hope it works as well as the Doterra brand.
I decided to make a balm since I already had everything I needed on hand. Coconut oil was my base.

I added Cocoa Butter and some beeswax to the coconut oil to stabilize the mix. I figure, if the essential oils don't actually work at least my poor dry feet will be nice and soft!

I used an old tin from a lotion mix and a cute little jar I picked up at the October  Flea Market to mix my blends in.

The usual suspects, some of my favorite scents are best for the allergy blend. Except for the lemon, almost the same oils I use in the vapor sticks. I may add a kick of lemon to my next vapor stick, oh this blend smells wonderful!
I poured the carrier oil blend into the clean prepared jars then added the essential oils. The tiny green jar got the immune system blend and the tiny tin got the allergy blend. I can still smell the coconut oil and it overpowers the essential oil fragrance, which I did not love, but the scent is not what is supposed to be important here, what the essential oils do for you is what you are after. But still, next time, I am buying roller balls and a neutral carrier oil so I can experience the full scent of these wonderful essential oils as well as their healing properties.

I have been using both blends for several days now, of course the immune system support rub is harder to really tell if it is working, but I have to admit, today, after three days of using the allergy blend, my allergies and sinus's are better. Is it the oils? Or is it just that whatever is bugging me is not as bad right, now. Not sure, but, I will keep using it until they are gone and decide then if I want to keep using them.
Again, if nothing else, they are a nice smelling moisturizing lotion for my feet. And my poor feet get so dry in the winter so I am always looking for a lotion or ointment to put on them.
I dropped off ornaments at Creative Village on Sunday, we have a new artist that makes the most darling felted sculptures, she does amazing work! I grabbed a couple of her cute little felted wool acorns to go with this adorable little mouse that I have been eyeing for several weeks. I love how he looks sitting under the dried flowers my daughter brought back from her last trip to Wisconsin for me. I think he looks right at home nestled in between the vintage insulators with his little felted acorn snacks! I have a hard time leaving Creative Village empty handed!

When I was at Creative Village on Sunday I took a ton of pictures of the shop and all the stock, so I could give you a guided tour of the in my next post!
I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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