Sunday, November 8, 2015

Flowers that never fade

I am full speed ahead making my upcycled aluminum hydrangea center pieces for the wedding venue that we will be working with after the first of the year, everyone seemed to love my "demo" so I decided to make a smaller one to try and sell at Creative Village, just to see if there was any interest.
Well...there is interest all right. I dropped this little beauty off at the shop around noon on Saturday, by three o'clock Saturday afternoon, it was gone! Sold right away! I was tickled!

I snapped this quick close up before we headed to the shop to drop it off. I was stumped on what to pair with the hydrangeas. After seeing some burlap roses at Hobby Lobby, I decided that they would be a perfect match and decided to try making them myself. Super easy, I will change my method next batch, but not by much. I was amazed at how easily they went together.
And I LOVE how they looked!
Making hydrangea flowers may be my new obsession!
Once a Creative Village, I spotted a new addition from another artist, the cutest little coffee table topped with vintage wood rulers, it was adorable, and my hydrangea box looked just perfect on top of it! I though, they looked like they were made to go together. But, it was only meant to be for a little while any my arrangement was off to live with a new owner!
But I am thrilled that people like my little creation. Not only does it tell me that I am on the right track for the table centerpieces for the wedding venue, but now I also have another item to sell! I posted a picture of the this box on Facebook and had two friends place orders for one.
My poor husband, he is going to have to get a few more pallet boxes put together!
But, after he found out how much I made on this little box, I suspect he will be fine with whipping a couple more little boxes together for me!
Not to mention this little hobby is a lot quieter than hammering my herb markers and sentiment spoons! I know he appreciates that!
It has been such a busy week, heck month, no, lets just go with year, I find myself looking forward to January, when work should be quiet and it should be quiet at home as well. I could really use a couple quiet make hydrangea flowers.
Maybe Old Farmers Almanac will be right about the weather and I will get a couple snow storms that I will be able to craft my way through!
Off to start another week! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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