Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fairy Box? Garden?

I am still trying to drag myself out of this late summer slump. I have noticed that since the heat has relented a bit, I am feeling a little more restless and find myself getting bored easily. Good sign that I am perking up a bit. I hate feeling so sluggish and uninterested in everything. Frustrating.
I have started toying around with the idea of making a fairy garden in one of my pallet boxes. I like the idea of rimming the box with a picket fence, I think a wishing well, garden bench with tiny hydrangea bushes and a pebble path would be fun. Since Fairy gardens are all the rage right now there are lots of fun ideas out there.
So far I have only finished the house. But I really like it!

Tiny bird house that I picked up at Walmart of all places. A quick rub with some stain, popsicle stick door (still need to figure out what to use as a doorknob) then covered the bird "hole" with a page from a book. But the pine cone roof is my favorite!
So fun!
Looking at the weather this weekend. Looks like the rain is going to keep us out of the pool so no excuse to not work on some crafting...I may even get myself out to do a little thrifting Saturday morning. Anything to get me moving around again.
Hope you are having a productive week!

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