Sunday, August 28, 2016

I am so over it.

After a very short reprieve, we are again back in the 90's. And I am officially over it.
Funny for me because I love summertime, but after three months of the same constant wet heat, I am officially ready for a drastic change in the weather, even if that means no more pool time.
Just look at this, hot sweet coffee in a cool vintage mug, don't you just want to take it outside first thing in the morning and sit with a hoodie on out in the backyard in cool 50 degree weather? You know I do.
Mug is courtesy of the Nashville Flea Market. Yes, I decided to go, even as I watched the forecast track hotter and hotter as the week went on. I wanted to get out and do something. So, thinking we would go early enough that we would be gone before the worst of the heat hit, we headed out anyway.
And we about died.
The kids and I got there at 8:30 am on the dot. And lasted until 9:45, just barely. They made it until about 9:30, then grabbed some fresh lemonade and a slushie and went to wait for me inside an air conditioned building. I did not take long to follow.
The only thing that even remotely interested me were these Hazel Atlas mugs. Not a bargain, pretty much market price, but I liked them enough to suck it up and pay. I have a weakness for mugs I guess and these are a little bigger than your average vintage mug. I  am happy I decided to take them home with me.
Ahhhhh, don't they just make you long for cool weather?
Well, the one good thing about this wet heat. Almost daily afternoon thunderstorms keep the pool full and the morning glories blooming. My feather morning glories are really taking over this year. So, I guess that will be my positive side to this oppressive heat.
It is almost like living in the tropics this summer.
Stay cool! And hold on until Fall!

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