Sunday, September 11, 2016

Coming out of it...

Painfully slowly, way too slowly. I think I am finally coming out of my creative funk.
Not long ago I saw a picture somewhere of a pallet box like we make filled with beautiful Zinnias. I loved the contrast of the reds, yellows and oranges next to the dark rustic pallet wood box and I have been turning it over in my head ever since trying to think of a way to recreate the look.
I think I have finally hit on it.
Of course I turned to aluminum cans. Why do I like working with cans so much?
I felt like I had something with the base that I use for my hydrangea flowers. Turns out...I do.


Just a little snipping, twirling and bending...They look more like sunflowers than Zinnias, but you know how much I love sunflowers, so I am ok with it.

A blast of spray paint. By the way....I love spray paint. Is there a repressed graffiti artist living inside of me? I think it is possible.
What was really stumping me was what to use in the center.  That stumped me for a couple weeks. I thought about fabric? Dried flowers? Felt? Glass stones? Tiny aluminum flowers? None of those Ideas set me on fire.
The only good thing about my long commute to work and back is that can I blast my music as loud as my speakers will allow and let my mind just wander. I can always rely upon blaring music to help me drown out my thoughts and lessen my stress level which somehow almost always ends up helping me solve a problem.
Stress reduction therapy care of blasting "Disturbed" at top volume. I have every album they have made loaded in the CD magazine in my car and just play them in rotation.
 Heavy Metal.... It works.
So this afternoon I sat down to put it all together, and realized....I need to make a few more flowers. Dang...Back to cutting, twirling, bending and spraying.
 You know I am going to have to tuck a few butterflies in there right?
But I am liking how it looks so far! Should have it finished this week, so off to Creative Village it will go next Saturday. Hopefully someone else will like it as much as I do! At least I hope so cause it has been darn fun to make!
Hope you are having a great weekend, and enjoying some cooler temps!

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