Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just one of those things.....

Long ago when I first started collecting vintage I was obsessed with Bavarian China. Everything and anything Bavarian. Especially serving bowls (surprise, surprise). And I still love them to this day although I do not often find one that I feel like I just have to pick up.
Since the weather today was SO not pool weather, and I needed to drop my flower box and some spoons at Creative Village, we decided to run into my favorite indoor flea market to see what we could find. It has been a month since I was last in there, and not much had changed. Still seeing the same stock, not much new at all. Sad.
But one thing did catch my eye. A Bavarian made portrait vase. It was hidden on a shelf behind some junk, but it caught my eye and basically jumped off the shelf at me. I am amazed at how light and fragile it is.

Isn't she lovely?

In my favorite color as well. Love green!
Next weekend is the Nashville Flea Market. September, October and November are usually some of the biggest markets of the year and I am praying that the heat lets up (yes, it is still hitting 90, almost every day) so we can enjoy taking our time exploring the market without feeling like we are about to melt into the asphalt!
It looks like the rain that has stayed with us all day today is finally moving out and looks like tomorrow will be a good day to enjoy the pool. I think this is the latest I have even been able to enjoy the pool. This ongoing heat wave is going to make for a very short Autumn.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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