Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Go Big Orange!

A play on a football reference, although the College Football, TN Volunteer loving men in my house were shouting "Go Big Orange!!" all this past Saturday afternoon.
I on the other hand apparently was on an orange kick when I was at the Nashville Flea market this weekend. was hot. The heat did not break for us until Monday, it has been cooler so far this week and, oh my it feels soooooo much better!
But last weekend I was sweating my way through the vintage. September is a big market so there were a lot of vendors. But again, I did not find a ton that I wanted to bring home with me. I was shopping for a friend as well, looking for a vintage stainless steel water pitcher and cow creamer...struck out there too. But what I did find I really liked!
Love these mint condition, orange Anchor Hocking bowls! Seven bowls, a buck a piece, not bad!

And the cutest Tang pitcher. As predicted, I am seeing Tang pitchers all over the place now. I found three of the white milk glass Tang pitchers as I wandered through the flea market. I am very pleased to say that every single one of them was priced higher than I paid on Ebay! Love it when I score a good deal.
I think they make a great breakfast set!
And I found more Little Golden Books to craft with. I think another butterfly box will have to be made soon!
And flatware to hammer. Again this month my usual flatware guy was MIA. Luckily I found another vendor with a smaller selection, but better prices so I grabbed a big handful. I probably still need more, I find that I am running very low on sentiment spoons to have on hand.
Some beautiful patterns in here! Yes, the prettier they are, the harder they are for me to hammer.

Not a huge haul, but still a satisfying trip to the Flea Market, I plan to get a few Fall and Halloween spoons hammered out the next couple of nights to bring to Creative Village on Saturday. I have also been working on Christmas ornaments. I am proud of myself for starting these early this year!
I hope you are enjoying some cooler Fall temps this week, I know I sure am! Looking forward to getting up early Saturday morning to cool temps and drinking some hot coffee in my She Shack. Best way to spend an early Autumn morning! 

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