Thursday, March 5, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things

I have mixed feelings today, I do not love snow, but I love snow days.

This is what we woke up to this morning, needless to say, most of Middle Tennessee shut down, again.

Bruno loves the snow. He eats snow and ends up with a snow goatee, have I mentioned how much he cracks me up? I love my little buddy!

I made the most of my surprise day off today. Getting caught up on some work emails, then tackled a couple small projects around the house. One project I tackled was re arranging my China Cabinet and I as I was working on it, I started thinking about some of my favorite things,  those little things that you may not use or touch every day, but that you would really miss if they were gone.

It was the McCoy Frogs and turtles that got me started down this path. I started collecting them close to 15 years ago and just loved them. But I guess I consider the collection complete and have not picked one up in probably close to 5 years. Of course I have moved on to new collections so now, I am running out of room and considered putting them in storage. Then I realized I just could not bring myself to do it, see, although I have not really collected them in awhile, I just love them to much. I would miss seeing them everyday.

I just love the colors.

They did end up getting moved out of the China Cabinet, so now I am casting my eye around to see where their next home will be. Somewhere that I can see them all the time, cause I would miss their sweet faces. 

I have been busy hammering away again, this week I have gotten a nice start on restocking my herb spoons. I also had some time today to experiment a bit with some new silverware projects that I have in mind for the booth at the Farmisan Market this summer.

Fun stuff! 

They are going to try and re open our office tomorrow, we shall see. The sun peeped out today, melted some of the snow but did not dry the roads so all that melted has now turned into perfect ice rinks or frozen speed bumps. Needless to say, I am putting my money on being shut in again tomorrow.

But that is alright if we are, I have to admit, as much as I miss my flowers, these peaceful days snowed in at home have been so nice!

Spring will be here soon enough, I will just remind myself to enjoy the snow while it lasts.

Because it will not be long before we are enjoying the scent of luscious spring peonies again!

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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