Saturday, November 12, 2016

Home for the Holidays Craft Fair

The fourth annual Home for the Holidays craft fair was a huge success!
Only the second time I participated and really only at the last minute, I have been hammering and organizing at top speed for the last month. Turns out it was worth my while! I made a really good profit. Of course it helps that the event is very well organized and run, and had a strong Facebook presence. When the doors opened we had a flood of people that only eased up around  the lunch hour, then for the last half hour.
I did not get many pictures, as I was half brain dead most of the day after a late football night (a heartbreaking loss in the second round of playoffs). Nothing worse than seeing your favorite boys heartbroken and sobbing out on the field after playing their hearts out only to lose by 3 points.
 I still did not get a good shot of the tomato cage Christmas tree, maybe I can get a better one tomorrow before the remainder of the ornaments go to Creative Village. I really like it and it was the PERFECT way to display (and transport) the ornaments
Got to use my sign again!
Some new flower arrangements to sell, They get so much attention, but only one went, even the single stem flowers. Again, lots of attention, no sale.
But that is ok, the herb markers and spoons made up for it.
Several necklaces and key rings sold as well. Not as many necklaces as I had hoped. As happy as I was with putting them on the playing cards...they did not display well that way, next year I have a better idea to display them.
Well you can see the bottom of the tomato cage Christmas tree, this really was the best way to display the ornaments. They got lots of attention, and a few sold, but not nearly as many as I expected to sell. I really thought these would sell quickly. No worries, off to Creative Village they go where I think they will sell very well!

I hammered up a few more butter knives, a few of these sold as well!
I am also going to be watching for handles to make more cheese markers like the Brie below, love love how that turned out.
I still think this needs a ribbon around it to look more "Christmassy"
Overall, a very successful show, AND after having a few conversations with some customers and a couple other vendors. I have a couple really great new ideas that I am super excited to get going on! Tired or not, tomorrow I rip a pallet apart and find a really great poem to hammer out!
But tonight, I am taking a hot shower, popping "Lord of the Rings" into the DVD player then climbing into bed with my fat Pug dog to mindlessly flip through Pinterest until I fall asleep. I suspect that will not take long.
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

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