Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vanilla, the final report.

Remember my home made vanilla extract project?
I was starting to think it was a bust. Supposed to let it sit for 90 days right? Well, after 90 days...the color was good, but it still just smelled like booze to me. So I tucked it back into the back of the pantry and did not pay much attention to it other than to move it around once in awhile.
But after six months? Then the magic happened!
Even the vodka base tastes pretty good, but the bourbon? Oh...my...gosh. Why waste it with cooking? Heck I will drink that! YUM!
Deep dark color, wonderful Vanilla flavor!  I will definitely do this again, but plan on adding more vanilla beans and letting it sit longer than the 90 days.
I think I will have to make some bourbon balls or pralines with the bourbon vanilla.
Has me looking forward to baking Christmas cookies!!
Busy hammering and revamping another Hydrangea box this week, fun stuff, but very busy!
Hope you are having a great week!

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