Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rocky Top

I am nearing a milestone in my life where I will have lived in Tennessee for as long as I lived in Wisconsin where I was born.
The first time I visited Nashville TN, I loved it. I felt like I fit here. It had this great balance of big city, and beautiful country. Down home Southern cooking, and high end cuisine. There this amazing mix of creative artists and business people, I have never once for a moment regretted my choice to move here. Although, I do curse the traffic daily.  Of course, like anyone who lives here I have visited the Smoky Mountains many times, and I fall in love with them all over again, every time I visit.
Watching the news reporting the horrible fires that have devastated the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg and surrounding areas are heartbreaking for all who love this State. But, the one thing that almost makes me feel better about it, is watching my fellow Tennesseans again rise up to join together and take care of all who have been touched by this tragedy.
Firefighters from all over the state made there way to the mountains to assist in putting out the fires, locals opened their homes to them so they could have somewhere to rest when not fighting fires. There have been so many loads of donated food, bottled water and clothing, they have run out of places to store the supplies, schools in the region are opening their gyms to store and distribute supplies, proving again that Tennessee is not only a beautiful state, but also populated by beautiful, generous and caring souls. This week I have been very proud to be a Tennessean.
Home does not mean the place you were born or grew up. Tennessee is truly home for me. 
My son asked me to make a Tennessee sign for him. He is definitely a proud Tennessean.

Zip code spoons for the Old Hickory area (The Village) in Nashville where Creative Village is located.

Prayers for all of the people who have lost loved ones, businesses and homes in these horrific forest fires. You will rebuild, all of Tennessee will help you.

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