Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When life hands you lemons.....

Everyone goes through periods where NOTHING goes right, right?
Well for about a month now, I have had just a run of bad luck. Started with getting rear ended (not my fault) at Thanksgiving to making stupid mistakes, forgetting and breaking things.
I don't like it when I feel like the forces of the universe are working against me.
But, I feel very strongly that if you let a bad attitude and negativity take over.. it only.makes things 100% worse. So, whenever I find myself confronted with yet another freaking thing that goes wrong, I try to find something positive in it or make something positive out of it.
For example, I decided that I wanted to get two more Fire King honeysuckle plates (I only had four) so I would have enough for everyone to use for Christmas dinner. Excited to have my Honeysuckle Christmas table! Well, about a week ago, I found a couple at a good price on Ebay. I hit Ebay because I very seldom find that pattern around here. I was so excited when they arrived on Saturday, I practically skipped out to the mailbox. But the minute I picked up the box, I knew there was a problem.
Dammit my bad luck hit again.
They arrived smashed.

I was heartbroken...and pissed. They were very poorly packaged and not properly cushioned in the box at all, they never stood a chance in the mail.

It breaks my vintage loving heart to see these beautiful old plates broken and thrown away, so, I decided to take a negative and make a positive. I did some research and decided to try my hand at making jewelry out of china shards!
I was happy to see that the materials needed are not very expensive, so off to Hobby Lobby and Lowes I go this weekend to pick up supplies and see what I can do! I needed a new craft project anyway right?
AND, as it turns out, the seller of the above pictured smashed plates graciously refunded my money, and as luck would also have it, I found two more plates, buy it now, out on Ebay, 5.00 cheaper than the ill fated plates above. I should have them by Friday.
I will take that as a positive. Maybe my bad luck streak is coming to an end?
I hope so. Cause I am getting tired of this crap.
I sure hope it is turning around, because this is December Flea Market weekend and I am really hoping for a good buy or two!
Maybe I need to look for a vintage shamrock to help turn my bad luck around? Somehow I don't think a vintage rabbits foot would be a very pleasant find, lol.
Hope you are having better luck this week than I am!

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