Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Any excuse to go junkin

My favorite indoor flea market is less than five minutes away from Creative Village and opens an hour before they do, so it works out perfectly for me to stop in and do a little treasure hunting before I drop stock off at Creative Village.
Any excuse to go junkin! I mean really, if I am going to be that close by, why not treat myself and stop in to look for some vintage treasures?
And I found a few!
I have never gotten into the whole vintage lunchbox/thermos craze, don't get me wrong, I like them and think they are cool, but they just never really grabbed my attention.
And then I saw this one.
As far as I can figure out, it is a 1930's era railroad lunchbox. There are tiny initials written on the top in very lovely handwriting, although it is very hard to see. Overall it is in pretty good condition, no dents and very little rust. I saw it sitting on the shelf, and it just called to me, I picked it up, looked it over and just could not bring myself to put it back down, it was meant to be mine. Once I brought it home I immediately incorporated it into my Christmas decorations.  I think it will live in this chair year round.  Will be fun to find different things to tuck inside of it!

Vintage ceramic tree, vintage lunchbox filled with vintage cookie cutters and Christmas bulbs. I think they all look great together!
And more vintage garbage...uhh, I mean another vintage bottle!
I still have to giggle thinking about what my grandmother would have thought of me sticking flowers in things that she would have put in the trash, and setting them on my windowsill.

It's a tiny Lysol bottle! So CUTE!!

I saw this mug the last time I stopped in. I decided to pass on it then, even though I thought my daughter would like it. Well, it was still sitting there a week later and I was right, she liked it. When she saw it she immediately asked if we could bring it home with us. For three bucks...sure, why not, what's one more mug?
Have I mentioned she is a blossoming hot tea addict? What tea addict could pass up a cute vintage vessel to steep your high quality leaves in?
Not my child tea addict, that is for sure.
I picked up a cool old tool box for my husband and well. Txted him a picture of it, and he said to grab it. He was at my car the minute I pulled in to grab his new toy and bring it directly into the garage. I did not even get a chance to photograph it before he loaded it up! So he ended up with a pretty nice score as well.
Well we are down to the last few weeks before Christmas, and I am painfully behind on my shopping and preparations, but I am still hoping to sneak out to the December Flea market!
I had such a nice time at the December flea market last year, that I am willing to kill myself getting things done the next two weeks just so I can have my stroll around the flea again this year.

Totally worth it!

Hope you are doing better with your Christmas preparations!

Have a great week! Happy Shopping!

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