Saturday, December 10, 2016

Warning, rambling post to follow.......

The small town I live in has the sweetest little Christmas parade and a holiday 5K every year one of the first weekends in December. Love the parade, but, because of the traffic and road closures, we are pretty much trapped in our neighborhood for a few hours on parade/5 K day.
Not that I really mind, I did my grocery shopping Friday night, and a quick run out for a few basic necessities early this morning, so I was happily in for the day by 8:30 AM, long before the parade started. Since I am caught up on stock at Creative Village and did a bunch of Christmas shopping online this week, I decided to take a day and just take it easy. 
And what did I do? Well, I made lemonade. Yes, it is finally freezing outside, but I decide I need to make some fresh squeezed lemonade. Meyer Lemon Lemonade that is!
I love Meyer Lemons!
And they are soooo good mixed with a couple oranges in a citrus bomb!
And since the weather has turned cold, what better than to hover over a steaming hot fondue pot full of fragrant broth and cook some fillet, shrimp, chicken and giant scallops?
Let them cook their own dinner tonight, but think they are getting a treat!
Oh and it was so good! This is one of my kids favorite dinners. And yes, there was cheese involved as well. Trader Joes cheese fondue. So amazing good!
I did warn you that this was a rambling post. I find that with craft projects wrapped up for the year that I have time on my hands....I am not used to that! I feel a little lost and directionless today, odd feeling for me.
But I think I will make the most of it while it lasts!
Hope you enjoy a rambling relaxing kind of weekend!

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