Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas 2016

The Holidays are upon us. Are you ready? Am I ready? Well, I for the most part I am ready. Just a few things left to do. I have to say, having Christmas fall on a Sunday this year is very convenient! I wish we could do it this way every year!
Sadly, I did not get to go to the December flea market on Saturday. Last minute errands made it too difficult to arrange my schedule so I could go. And I am glad I skipped it and instead went out and ran my errands early. this time of year it seems people fall into two extreme classifications. Happy, friendly full of holiday cheer and thoughtful or angry self centered assholes. Yesterday was asshole day. In the two early morning hours I was out running errands, I was very ready to go home and get away from people. Wow...I cannot imagine how bad it would have been if I had gone after my flea market run during the height of the holiday shopping traffic. I shudder to think!
So home I went and my daughter and I dedicated our day to Christmas baking. It was a perfect weekend to spend baking.
Sadly this years Gingerbread house was condemned. Crappy contractor I guess.
We also made my husbands favorite chocolate dipped pretzels.
And we cannot melt chocolate without dipping some strawberries.

We snack on these while we work, they did not last long!

But the most fun to make was probably the Cracker Barrel Coke Cake.
We kept just enough batter aside to make a tiny cake to try. Wow! It is delish. I expected it to be much sweeter, but it was not. I added a pinch of salt to the frosting, and loved the difference it made! this recipe will definitely be going into regular rotation.
And one more thing. One of my sons friends loves sugar cookies. Well, since I love all my boys, I told him that I would find a good sugar cookie recipe (it's my "if you feed them, they will come" strategy, I love my boys, and I want them to have lots of reasons to come visit me :)) I am not thrilled with this recipe. But it was a good first try. Too "cakey" for me, I like a sweeter denser cookie. Onto the next recipe.
One thing I did not get to do. Start my new craft project. Hobby Lobby, Joannes, Lowes, Home depot, Harbor Freight and Ace Hardware...struck out. Easy to find the soldering iron I wanted to use, but the copper tape? That is what sent me on the wild goose chase. I struck out everywhere. I can be very tenacious, but six places, I am done. Hello Amazon. I should have the final materials by Friday and hopefully have some time the day after Christmas to putter around and see what I can get into. I am excited to give it a try.
I will be taking a blogging break the next couple of weeks to enjoy the holidays with my family, but will  be back after the New Year with some new projects to share, and with any luck some thrifting treasures as well!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and the happiest of New Years!

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