Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I am a Jadeite snob....

I love Jadeite, have for years. Yes I am one of "those" people introduced to Jadeite by Martha Stewart and I have been an avid collector for close to 20 years.
Many of my pieces I have found "in the wild" some from Ebay and a large amount I inherited from my husbands Grandmother. Love all of my pieces, especially the ones I got from Adeline.
But I am a snob, I don't like the knockoffs. Target carried a line of reproduction Jadeite for a little while, never touched it. Even now I check before I buy and will put it down if I cannot guarantee it is original. Not to say that I don't have a couple reproductions. I do, but they are not the pieces I am most proud of.
So when The Pioneer Woman (one of my favorite bloggers) came out with a reproduction Jadeite Cake stand, I, being the snob I am, turned my nose up at it. Sorry, Ree, love ya, but it is not vintage.
Well, then last weekend. Wandering through Walmart waiting for my husband and son, I walked past a display, and in a post Christmas moment of weakness, I grabbed one.
And.....I like it.
Only a true Jadeite lover like Ree, could make another true Jadeite lover snob love a reproduction. Ree obviously loves her Jadeite and put out a decent reproduction.
My daughter baked cupcakes and immediately loaded them up, I wish I had gotten a picture of them, they looked so pretty.
I am thankful that my daughter loves Jadeite as well, she knows that my collection will someday be hers, and I figure by that reproductions will be getting near vintage and the current vintage will be antiques, so, win, win.
So, I guess I have turned over a new leaf, I am a Jadeite snob no more.
LOL~ No, just kidding. I will forever be, a Jadeite snob.
Hope you are having a great week!

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