Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thrifting Therapy....

With all the craziness that we have had going on the last couple weeks, I decided I wanted/needed just an hour or so to step away, unplug and enjoy some peace and quiet.
Where do I go to unplug and enjoy the peace and quiet?
My favorite indoor flea market!
I have gotten it down to where I can easily get through the entire place in just under an hour. It is amazing how relaxed I feel after wandering around in that cavernous, quiet warehouse for an hour. That slight scent of mildew and "vintage" all around you and some tinny radio plugged in somewhere playing country music.
A thrifter's spa.
My blood pressure is dropping just thinking about it, although, I could live without the country music.
As usual, I walked out with a few treasures, although not the type of treasure I have been finding lately. I ended up adding to my Bavarian and Limoges rose china collection. None of my Bavarian or Limoges china really match, but they all have the pretty, delicate pink rose pattern that blend together very well. Oh and I had one special Pyrex find!
But first, the French Limoges.
I love French Limoges, so delicate, so beautiful. These were such a steal!
Two of these beautiful delicate bread/salad plates $5.00.

And this lovely platter. I have very few blue rose pieces although I love blue roses. I think this pattern is just beautiful! $6.00, really? A steal.

And the Pyrex surprise! Covered divided dish, very good condition. 
Not super cheap at $12.00, but so cool!!
 Much cheaper than you find on Ebay, that is for sure!

And no dirt cheap Pyrex fridgies left behind right? At .99 cannot pass it up, plus, I grab Pyrex fridgie tops anytime I see them at the Goodwill. They come in handy for the ones I find that are missing their lids like this one was.
It has been along time since I have added anything to my brass menagerie, these two darling little deer just had to come home with me. And for 3.00? Yes, they were meant to be mine.
Still trying to figure out how I will manage to squeeze a trip to the Nashville Flea market in this weekend. We have a pretty busy weekend ahead with errands and going to watch my son's beautiful girlfriend dance at her school and stock to drop off at Creative Village...but I am a master of scheduling and by gosh I am determined to figure out a way to squeeze it ALL in!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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