Saturday, January 28, 2017

The death of a legend....

Considering all the celebrities we have lost lately, maybe I am being a bit melodramatic. Maybe not....
When I was around four years old I vaguely remember going into a pawn/junk shop on Wilson Street in Madison WI called "The Pantry" it was one of my Dads favorite junk/antique/pawn shop (yes, I got the junker bug honestly)  It was a neat little shop and I remember they had a large selection of Lefton figural dogs. My favorite at the tender age of 4 was the Poodle. I loved it. And I remember throwing the mother of all temper tantrums because I really wanted it and my Mom said absolutely not, I was four and would break it. And I remember being REALLY pissed off when she said that and when my Dad caved in and went back in to go buy the 4.00 Lefton poodle (4.00 in 1974 was a bit of a splurge) my mom was disgusted, but I was thrilled and dead set on proving her wrong. I would NOT break it dammit.
Well...she was right. I broke it.
43 years later.
But it still pisses me off that I broke it.
To be fair, its little tail broke off when I was 21. I fixed it and it has been fine since then. But this time, a freak accident with these big Mikasa picture frames I had on my bedroom dresser upper tier, the biggest frame slid and fell, pushing two smaller heavy glass Mikasa frames down, wiping the Poodle and a Lefton bunny out.
As it happens, a few days later the smaller frame fell AGAIN landing on my cell phone of all things! I NEVE put my cell phone on the dresser, just happened to sit it down there while I grabbed my Converse. Needless to say it shattered the screen and I will be going to get a new cell phone. Glad I got the insurance.
Did I mention that my bad luck streak has not really let up?
I hope the person that purchases those three heavy glass Mikasa frames at Goodwill enjoys them. I was literally so pissed, I immediately threw all three in the Goodwill box.
Good riddance. DAMMIT!!!
I don't actually like Poodles anymore, but geez...look at that sweet face.

I STILL cannot find the damn tail. It must have gone under the dresser, the big, very heavy dresser. Dammit.
My daughter wants me to fix it, so I probably will, just because I am too damn stubborn to throw it away. We have been together for a long time ya know.
I may even put it in my will to have the damn thing cremated with me.
Stubborn to the very end.
Hope you are not breaking anything this weekend!

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  1. I love my stubborn friend, it is kinda cute...