Saturday, January 7, 2017

My last thrift run of 2016

Guess what? We got some snow yesterday!

Not a lot, but enough to force me to turn around before I could get to the office because of the ice, and head back for home. Did not get to craft like I had hope and ended up working, but, it was sure nice to work from my couch.
In my excitement over my latest glass projects, I almost forgot to tell you about my last thrift run of 2016!
I had taken an extra day off work before the New Years Holiday to run general errands, pick up supplies for my glass pendant project and do a quick thrift shop run. Turned out to be a very successful day!
I had to go it alone this time as my thrifting partners refused to get out of bed for an early morning adventure, so off I went to hit my usual favorite thrifts and indoor flea market. It was pretty quiet, not a lot to be found at my favorite Goodwill stores, but the indoor flea market seldom fails to provide at least one treasure.
I was pretty happy with my finds!
The only scores from the Thrift shops. A Hazel Atlas saucer and dessert cup. I think they were each .99. Can't complain.

My daughter loved the dessert cup.

But more fun was to be had at my little flea market.
First off, more Hazel Atlas. It was marked 18.00, which is right in line what how much I was seeing them for on Ebay (minus the shipping) but the booth was having a 75% off sale, so home it came with me!
And it was a jar day for me. I love this milkglass jar, not sure how I forgot to include the cute lid. It now holds the sugar cubes that my daughter likes to use in her tea.

Another green jar, next size down from the one I bought months ago.....again, I forgot the lid. What was I doing?

Now this is cool, it is basically a 1930's  protein shaker, it even still had the recipe slip inside of it. We all got a good laugh out of this. Fun!

The latest craze, a health habit that's sweeping the nation! it cracks me up!

And another milk jug, Clover Farms, it is so sweet! Currently filled with beautiful orange red carnations, I love it!
 But the strangest thing I grabbed? Puppies.
Just one of those things...I never find pugs, so I have to go with the bulldogs!
But that face!

And one last thing, an Ebay buy. Love these Hazel Atlas spice jars.

But my bad luck continues to plague me.
Dammit, another victim to bad packing.
Hope to get back to working on glass again tomorrow, a bit too cold out in the garage to be working with glass, but thankfully a warm up is in the forecast this week! I am excited to make another one!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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