Saturday, June 10, 2017

Leather and Pearls........

When I was walking through the Lebanon Antiques and Uniques show last week with my buddy Kim, we stopped into a booth selling beautiful leather and bead jewelry. One of the things they were selling were lariat necklaces made with free form baroque fresh water pearls. I really liked them. And with every intention of coming back to buy something, we wandered out to go visit with our booth buddies. But, me being me..we finished our craft business brain storm session and said goodbye. I strolled right out never stopping back to buy the necklace, remembering it only when I was about half way home.
I was not very happy with myself. Too many things swirling around in my brain makes me very forgetful sometimes.
But I am a crafty gal, so I was sure I could make one myself. As soon as I got settled Saturday night, I jumped online to track down some pearls. And would you believe Ebay had the nicest pearls and the best price? Seventeen 12mm Baroque pearls, large hole, 13.00 Free shipping, I had them by Wednesday.
Can't beat it.
A quick stop into Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon for some leather cord on my way home from work Thursday, and I was good to go.
I just love the size and shape of these fresh water pearls, they are just so beautiful. Hard to photograph, but beautiful!
Such a simple design, just pearls, and knots tied with leather cord.
Ten minutes of calculated tying later. And you have a cool boho lariat necklace!
Ok, still difficult to photograph. How about on a model?
My daughter immediately claimed this one and asked that I make a bracelet and earrings to match.
Off I go to fill that order, and, make myself one.
Not something I plan to make and sell in the booth, but what a great quick handmade gift. It has a lux feel but a small price tag,  and it was a lot of fun, and very easy to make!
It finally really feels like summer here in Middle TN, time for Blackberries and afternoons in the pool!
Bruno is especially happy to be back in the pool!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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