Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tenacious Me.......

 If you remember, at the Nashville Flea market last November, I picked up two Jadeite Restaurant ware Chili bowls. Now, the majority of my Jadeite collection consists of the Jane Ray pattern, but I had always liked the restaurant ware Chili bowl's and decided to grab them. I considered buying the dinner plates that the vendor was selling as well, but the hefty price tag made me decide against  buying them. The bowls were pricy enough. Then half way through the Flea market, I changed my mind, decided I wanted the plates to go with the bowls and hiked back to the vendor to buy them.
I got there just in see him wrapping them up for another customer. Dammit, will I ever learn?
I tried to tell myself that I would find some plates cheaper online. I quickly learned that the Restaurant ware Jadeite is A LOT more expensive than the Jane Ray pattern. But I was determined to acquire a two place setting at a decent price.
Seven months later, here is what I have manage to find.
Although, I decided that my new goal is a four place setting.
A bit of a far cry from the two Chili bowls I wanted.
My first score, in January I believe. Five Berry Bowls. 25.00 including shipping.
In April, four bread plates, I believe these were 35.00 including shipping?
And finally, after losing more auctions than I can count, I FINALLY scored three of the 9" dinner plates.
15.00 each including shipping. 5.00 CHEAPER than they guy selling them at the November flea market.
I guess sometimes it is worth being patient.
Don't they make a pretty group?

Mixed in with my Jane Ray collection, these new restaurant ware pieces join some I already had in my collection. Two restaurant ware platters, four of the restaurant ware mugs (three bucks a piece at my favorite indoor flea market, you very much), the milk pitcher, another steal for 25.00 free shipping. And just found the fifth odd ball mug in April.
Being tenacious pays off.
Tenacious...or obsessed. I think I will go with tenacious.
And the search continues.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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