Saturday, July 1, 2017

I have noticed a trend...

I have noticed a trend. I seem to hit a flea market/thrifting slump once summer starts.
I was so excited to go to the June Nashville flea market. We went early, got great parking had beautiful weather....the perfect flea market  trifecta!
But there was nothing there to temp me. I walked out with two insulators that I picked up for 2.00 each and a bag full of farmers market produce, peaches and pecans.
I walked out with more food than finds...
Wondering if maybe it is the thrifting gods telling me it is time decrap and not bring more in.
Ya...I listened, I have filled bags and bags destined for Goodwill today.
I did have to laugh at my insulator finds. One was just a deeper darker blue green that I really liked. But the other is a bottom, and I thought I had the top at home. I knew the color was a bit off but thought it would work.
Not so much.....
The top.
The bottom.
Oh well. I still like the bottom. And it gave me an idea for a new project. More to come on that.
But I did really love the darker insulator. So pretty!
Almost as pretty as the produce.

Down to the last few weeks of these sweet Georgia peaches. Oh I will miss them!
Hoping you are having better thrifting luck than I am!

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